Tubądzin Group

The Tubądzin Group is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of ceramic tiles, a leader of innovation. Since its formation, it has been consistently developing its product offer, skilfully adapting it to the needs of various customer groups. Each product of the company meets the most stringent European standards.

The extensive assortment of the Tubądzin Group is currently made up of four brands: Tubądzin, Domino, Korzilius and Arte. Each of them introduces its own, separate lines of products and collections. Their diversification in terms of style, design, size and use allows customers full freedom of arrangement. 

The Tubądzin brand is a proposal for those who seek out unique solutions. It is a real interior designer, creating space which genuinely stands out. The brand has five product lines: Tubądzin, Colour – large format tiles with deep colours, Pastele – created for investment project applications, meeting many additional standards, Majolika – inspired by the Mediterranean ceramics and a proprietary sub-brand called Tubądzin – Maciej Zień creation, prepared by this famous fashion designer.

Trade partners

Trade partners are a very important element of the operations of the Tubądzin Group. The distribution network is based on a group of large ceramic tiles wholesalers, who serve smaller retail outlets within their area. 

In Poland, the company co-operates directly with over 100 wholesalers and indirectly with over 1,000 retail stores and showrooms. Combining the commitment of our distributors to products promotion allows the company to systematically increase its sales.

Our products are known and valued not only in the domestic market, but also in countries such as: Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Moldova, Norway, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, Great Britain, Hungary.