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Maciej Zień

Creator of taste, fashion and interior designer.

A follower of the modern glamour style. A creator of a luxury brand identified with class and elegance. The winner of prestigious awards such as Belvedere International Achievement Award, Złota Nitka or Złoty Wieszak. Discover the collections of the Tubądzin brand created by Maciej Zień, which will allow you to implement the most innovative and individual projects.

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The perfect tile, meaning what? Find out how to choose tiles for different interiors

Tiles are an investment for many years. Therefore, they must not only be attractive, but also durable and resistant to damage, and easy to keep clean, too. We offer our clients the highest quality materials, with a wide range of patterns and colours to choose from. Find out what to pay attention to, so that the tiles you choose meet all your expectations.

Porcelain floor tiles are suitable for any room, as long as you choose a model that is suitable for the specifics of a given interior. Many Tubądzin products are suitable even for high-traffic areas, which are exposed to a variety of conditions, such as moisture. Our offer includes both floor and wall tiles, so you can easily design the interior of a bathroom or kitchen.

A material resistant to all conditions - choose porcelain tiles

Getting ready to renovate or furnish a new home? The choice of tiles is crucial for a successful interior design. To start with, it is worth knowing the differences between the various types of ceramics. These are often confused with each other, although they have different properties and degrees of resistance to damage:

  • Terracotta - a type of stoneware tile, commonly used before the popularisation of porcelain tiles. These tiles can be placed both on walls and on the floor.
  • Porcelain - a material that is fired at a temperature higher than terracotta, therefore such tiles are ideal even in the most difficult conditions, such as in the kitchen or bathroom. In their matte version, they can be used as a cover for any surface (floor, walls and even countertops)
  • Tiling - is a colloquial term for all ceramic tiles

As a leading ceramic tiles manufacturer, we always offer the best, proven solutions. We focus on a reliable combination: high quality and award-winning design, which is why we manufacture our modern floor tiles from porcelain stoneware. Thanks to this, you'll never have to wonder if the collection that caught your eye is suitable for a given room.

Ceramic tiles - the most important technical parameters

Did you already choose the material from which the tiles for your home are to be made? Next, it's time to have a look at the properties of tiles from specific collections. It is very important that while browsing the wide range of tiles, you choose the ones that will work best in a given interior. Cheap tiles may not always be the best choice as they may be missing such important properties as:

  • Low water absorption - this property is also related to the frost resistance of the tiles. Moisture-resistant ceramics are not afraid of contact with water, mud or snow carried in on your shoes in winter
  • Easy care - good quality floor tiles do not require any special treatment; just water with a mild detergent and they will sparkle clean again
  • The appropriate abrasion class - the highest rating, Class 5, means that the tiles can be used in any room
  • Anti-skidding - an important feature especially in a house with children or pets

Tubądzin tiles are certified by the National Institute of Hygiene, which means that they are very ecological and suitable for placement over underfloor heating.

Porcelain tiles for different rooms - what should you pay attention to when choosing?

Most online and brick-and-mortar shops selling home finishing products usually have many options to offer - rectified and regular, structured and polished tiles ... Remember to choose the best covering properties for the specific room. For the floor, matte tiles are the best choice. Our tips:

  • Bathroom tiles - when choosing tiles for the bathroom, pay attention to resistance to abrasion and water (low water absorption)
  • Kitchen tiles - when buying tiles for the kitchen, also pay attention to water resistance. In the vicinity of work surfaces, it is better to avoid textured tiles (smooth surfaces are easier to clean)
  • Living room tiles and hallway tiles - it is worth choosing the same tiles for the living room as for the kitchen (if the rooms are connected; this guarantees a consistent effect). In the case of the hall, it is worth paying attention to moisture resistance
  • Balcony tiles - if you are designing a terrace, pay particular attention to frost resistance. Ease of cleaning the surface of dirt, something which is in plentiful supply outside the home, is also important, so choose tiles without a structure

Wondering how to choose tiles for walls? The requirements in this case are much lower. Just remember that in rooms with high humidity, any finishing element you decide on should be water resistant. Matte and polished tiles work equally well on walls.

Award-winning ceramic design - modern or classic

You already know what to look for when choosing wall and floor coverings in your home. The various textures, colours, patterns, and sizes of wall and floor ornaments offer many decorative possibilities. Think about what effect you want to achieve and choose a collection that will allow you to put the finishing touch on the design for any room. You can choose from tiles imitating various materials, for example:

  • Wood-patterned tiles - these are much easier to care for than natural wood, and with their help you can create a warm, classic or rustic room
  • Stone - marble and other natural stones are invariably one of the most fashionable solutions for a variety of rooms
  • Terrazzo - this combination of cement and crushed stone on the surface of the tiles is experiencing a renaissance - it is worth having another look at this material, well-known under the name lastryko in Poland in the 80s and 90s
  • Concrete-like tiles - these work well in a modern room decorated in an industrial style; they will look great, for example, in the company of an unfinished red brick wall
  • Decors, mosaics, hexagonal tiles, strips in a contrasting color - these will enliven any interior and give it a unique character

Remember that you can choose from different sizes of ceramic tiles, thanks to which you can highlight the modern or classic style of the interior even more. If, for example, you dream of a modernist apartment, choose a large format with minimal grout.

We offer tiles designed by well-known and respected architects that you can successfully use in many rooms in your home. Check out our collections, choose your favorite one, and create a stylish and practical interior.