The Tubądzin Group Logistics Centre

Since the beginning of its business activities, the Tubądzin Group has focused on technological development.
Modernisation of the Logistics Centre has doubled the company's distribution capacities, and the facility itself has become one of the largest hi-tech logistics centres of its kind, not within the sector, but in the whole of Poland.

80 mln PLN

Investment cost

50 000 m2

Total storage area, equivalent
to the size of 7 football pitches!

23 m

Height of pallet racks within
zone II of the new hall

160 people

Number of employees who
take care of the best possible logistics service in our company


This investment was made to accelerate and optimise logistic processes; at the same time it is a response to both the demands of the market and the changes that have taken place in distribution in general.

The expectations of our customers have always been at the centre of attention within our company. That is why the order processing has been shortened as much as possible. Not only do we ensure high quality and beautiful design of our products, but we also provide efficient and professional service. Investment in new technologies and automation also contributes to the professional development of our employees. We have installed a modern system that facilitates and optimises their work; it reduces physical workload and thus improves comfort, which translates into a much greater work efficiency.


A new quality in storage and order picking

Even up to 50,000 pallets can be stored in our Logistics Centre

20,000 of which are placed within zone I, on 9.5 m high pallet racks; the remaining pallets are stored within zone II, on 23 m high pallet racks.

Competitive advantage

We want to grow, and that is why the latest technology is crucial to our company.

Storage space

Our warehouse is equipped with a 23 m high pallet rack system. Fifteen storage levels accommodate more than 10,000,000 kg loads. There is an additional system for boxes - a miniload - next to the pallet storage area, which is used for storing decorations, mosaics and decorative strips.

Picking zone

The order picking system is entirely automated. As many as 48 different orders can be handled at the same time; thanks to this, the waiting time is halved. The doubled number of loading ramps enables us to load up to 200 trucks per day. The warehouse has an annual loading capacity of more than 50,000 trucks.


The stacker cranes and the transport of pallets on the conveyor belts are controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller system. The Warehouse Management System together with the Material Flow Control manage the logistics process.


The Tubądzin Group Logistics Centre is located in Cedrowice, in the central part of Poland, near the junction of the A1 and A2 motorways, and next to the newly constructed S14 expressway. The convenient location allows efficient servicing of our production plants, customers and business partners.


Tubądzin's "Culture of Surroundings"

We have been setting trends in design and introducing cutting-edge products and solutions for almost 40 years.

We invite prominent creators of design and culture to cooperate with us. By combining our products with technology and art, we want to promote innovative projects and create unique spaces around us.


We are united in design

The façade of our new office building is decorated with a 3D picture, designed by Joanna Nowak, who is a designer at Tubądzin.

The Cielo e Terra collection by Dorota Koziara was selected for this graphic design, which consists of as many as 479 elements. Two locked hands represent a metaphor of the culmination of the creation path and remind us that at the end of high-tech processes, there is a beautiful design, which unites all the people involved in the creation of Tubądzin Group's products.

Mirosław Jędrzejczyk

The expansion of the Logistics Centre, which cost PLN 80 million, as well as modernisation of both Ozorków and Tubadzin plants, worth almost PLN 40 million, are two milestones as part of the Tubądzin Group's investment plan. These actions will enable us to provide even better services to our customers, business partners and contractors.

Mirosław Jędrzejczyk

the President of the Management Board of Tubądzin Group

Jolanta Gałązka

By opting for automation, we were driven by the quality of service we want to provide to our customers. The streamlining of logistics processes will increase the efficiency of picking, which will further translate into increased productivity and faster order fulfilment. I am convinced that our customers will appreciate the new quality in this respect.

Jolanta Gałązka

Tubądzin Group Logistics Director

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