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Brass wraps you in subtle colours and unobtrusive, exquisite design. Create a composition full of breath and simplicity, filled with a cosy palette of colours and textures inspired by nature.



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A moment you will not forget

Derived from the movement of air, the Brass collection enraptures with its soft shades of beige, olive and subdued grey.

A moment you will not forget

Let yourself breath deeply and have some peace in your interiors

Brass reflects all ephemeral and elusive feelings; those that can be sensed only such as lightness of air and freedom that comes with pure expression of movement.

Let yourself breath deeply and have some peace in your interiors


Glittering decorations and abrasions beautifully reflect the light to emphasize full movement of the wind. A pattern embedded in the glass makes you feel its changing nature and captured moment. A delicate colour palette brings a sense of intimacy and coziness. It makes you think of elegant and classic interiors that are made of natural earthy colours. Discover the new collection as part of 30x75 cm format.

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We work as a team, which consists of people with backgrounds in classical, applied, and industrial design as well as architecture. Together we look for solutions, that best reflect the atmosphere of our inspirations. Meet the authors of the Brass collection: Anna Janik-Cieśla, the designer; Katarzyna Madalińska, the architect.


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