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White Opal represents elegance and harmony on a large scale. Discover the fascinating interior of stone and beauty of the Australian beach viewed from a new perspective, as part of a monumental and exceptionally painterly design.



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A picture painted by nature

A small, precious stone, when viewed in close-up resembles an Australian beach from a bird’s eye view. It is a picture that nature has painted for us itself. You just have to choose the right format and frame. The White Opal collection reveals the fascinating depths of the stone and transfers them to a large format. The mineral monolith is impressive, but cosy. It creates intriguing, elegant and harmonious interiors.

A picture painted by nature

All that natural beauty needs is the right setting

A skilled jeweller turns a raw stone into a jewel. My task as a designer turned out to be quite similar. To bring out a stone's natural beauty, I focused on the arrangement of colours in its structure. The artistic idea was to select a fragment that needed to be exposed and put into a compositional frame. The stone's deep structure was recreated by placing subsequent graphic elements on its bright surface. Its glassy mass emphasized the three-dimensionality and shifted the final impression towards noble luminosity.

All that natural beauty needs is the right setting

A small stone reveals its big inner matter

The pattern of a small, precious stone has been monumentally scaled up. Shades of blue and grey, sometimes turning into purple and brown, have allowed me to refer to the sources of my inspiration, which are Australian minerals such as agate, onyx and opal. The effect of overlapping, alternating layers has been laid out on large-format 120 x 240 cm porcelain, complemented by 120 x 120 cm squares. The luminous panes of stone hold the gaze and do not forcefully seek continuation. Each element of the collection makes up a finite composition.

A small stone reveals its big inner matter


We work as a team, which consists of people with backgrounds in classical, applied, and industrial design as well as architecture. Together we look for solutions, that best reflect the atmosphere of our inspirations. Meet the authors of the White Opal collection: Katarzyna Malinowska, the designer; Tomasz Smus, the architect.


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