Nyska Residenc - a prestigious lacation in Wrocław

The Nyska Residence building stands out for its luxurious architecture and stylish arrangement of common areas. The space here has been designed with care for every small detail. Top-quality materials have been used for this project such as the Monolith tiles from the Grand Cave and Pietrasanta collections.

Collections used

Grand Cave







As part of this project, the key elements were...

two products, i.e. a 79.8x79.8 abrasion class V Pietrasantaporcelain stoneware tile in combination with a 239.8x119.8 and 79.8x79.8 Grand Cave Graphite porcelain stoneware featuring R10 slip resistance. Due to its suitable parameters, the Pietrasanta tiles cover the floors in the building's entrances, stairwells and corridors.

In turn, the Grand Cave Graphite tile...

surrounds the walls of the vestibule, is on the staircase floor and in front of each entrance to the private flats. Most notable is the staircase floor, its layout is pattern-free. Both tiles have been cut into trapezoids, highlighted with brass expansion strips and laid in a distinctive pattern. A combination of raw marble with the dark depth of the stone, patience in workmanship and the details employed have created an original and distinguished interior.