The Poznań Plaza shopping centre serves as an example of a venue that has ceased to fulfil a mere retail function. It is unquestionably an atmospheric space full of illumination, with a clever arrangement of common areas, which are the starting point for final locations. Entering the Plaza Centre, one's first impression involuntarily delights and gives a sense of relaxation as it is classy in every sense. Its glazed roof plays a leading role, boldly inviting light into its interior, which reaches the bright floor and masterfully illuminates the entire interior.

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Poland - Poznań




The floor cladding was made of...

coloured stoneware from Tubądzin, the INDUSTRIO collection, a tile manufactured with double-fill method. The rectified 59.8x59.8 Industrio Ivory Mat porcelain stoneware tiles were applied in all common areas, which alocated to special zones not only for the visual impression but also for technical requirements. Floors in shopping arcades are extremely vulnerable to dirt, i.e.: sand, mud, snow, etc.

It is not for nothing that…

this is where the Industrio matt porcelain stoneware featuring slip resistance R10 B and hygienic approval for use in public areas comes in. It is a compromise between properties that guarantee safety of crowds passing by and ease of maintance. Flat surfaces in such facilities are cleaned industrially and the entire procedure is a never-ending quest - which is why a tile with no specific parameters could not be used here. The Poznań Plaza shopping centre offers something extra that makes you want to stay for longer. Its unusual combination of columns, cornices and arches with glass balustrades and peculiar ring-shaped illumination create a comfortable meeting place where the Industrio Ivory tile has found its place and is part of this modern space.