Modern commercial premises require an appropriate setting. Not only is their functionality important, but also the ambience created by the selection of equipment and finishing materials. In the Melon Dental Clinic in Sieradz the selection was based on proven, top-quality ceramic tiles from the Tubądzin Group.


The modern style skilfully combines a variety of structures, colours and trends. It often adapts designs inspired by nature or eco-concepts. Their presence has a soothing effect on the senses. It is no surprise, then, that it is often found in commercial premises, such as the Melon Dental Clinic in Sieradz. It is very important to provide visitors with a calming and stress-relieving experience. For this reason, the designers decided to subtly break up the neutral white and black by introducing elements reminiscent of wood and stone into the interior as well as onto the building's façade.

Large-format tiles from the Cielo e Terra collection

Melon Clinic premises represent the key values behind the medical facility. There is a reason why immaculate white appears there. The designers chose large-format tiles from the Cielo e Terra collection; these can be found in the corridors, reception area and rooms. The world-renowned designer, Dorota Koziara, decided to take a cue from the surrounding world and the colours of the sky, which brighten up the space and bring natural harmony into it. This is how Melon Clinic provides users with a high level of comfort and a welcoming environment.

The bathrooms are equipped with the sharply contrasting…

Mountain Ash Almond tiles, which perfectly match the Grand Cave Graphite collection. Both lines add elegance and extraordinary depth to the interior, echoing the style of natural luxury. Combined with minimalist fittings in classic white, the bathroom spaces gain an industrial flair.

Interestingly, the designers went one step further and...

decided on the integrity of the interior with the exterior. The same tiles decorate the façade of the building, making it stand out from the neighbouring blocks with a modern, extraordinarily charming design, while at the same time perfectly reflecting the nature of the site.