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MonoCafe & Bistro is a unique venue, which surprises visitors with its tasty cuisine and unconventional design. Located in one of the most important historical buildings in Łódź, the restaurant's design is based on the soft-loft style, freely combining the past with the present.

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Łódź - Poland




The former Vodka Monopoly impresses with its traditional red brick...

and characteristic architecture dating back to the early 20th century. The interior of the building has retained its former factory splendour, so it is no surprise that the owners of the café and bistro Mono Cafe & Bistro, housed in the phenomenal building, opted for a sharp industrial flair soothed by warm accessories. This created a perfect synergy of style, which is appreciated by the guests. The Tubądzin Group products contributed to the design.

Mono Cafe & Bistro incorporates both an element of the past and of the present, although the décor is also reminiscent of the typical styling from the vibrant communist period. The seashell-shaped armchairs or the square tables, which turned into small clubs, make an appearance here with a good reason. It was in the 1970s that the Vodka Monopoly flourished, and its fame spread across Europe at the time.

Eye-catching are the pastel turquoise...

bar chairs inspired by the iconic Fourteen, the minimalist overhead lighting emphasising the factory atmosphere of the spot, and above all the grand bar. In order to properly emphasise a link to the history of Monopolis, tiles from the Brave Iron collection were used, with their ornamentation distinctly referring to the metal surfaces of large-scale factory machinery. The tiles provided an extremely interesting stylistic effect. Their industrial design was broken by the way they were arranged. The classic herringbone pattern, associated with home parquet floors, introduces a note of family warmth into the interior.

The floor of Mono Cafe & Bistro was decorated with...

tiles from the Torano White collection with a gorgeous stone structure. They blend perfectly with the original brick walls and the bar, wrapping the interior in a soft glow and optically enlarging it. In addition, Torano White has asthe top of the main bar, making it extremely practical and durable.