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A desire for being close to nature combined with luxury and comfort. This is the idea that guided the designers from the Mokaa Architekci Group when drawing up plans for a modern detached house in Michalowice. The private residential building near Cracow charms with its innovative approach towards eco style. The interior includes high-quality ceramics from the Tubądzin Group.

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Black Pulpis

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The Michalowice Residence


Poland - Michalowice




Mokaa Architects


The Michalowicki Forest is a place that both calms the senses and provides an unforgettable experience. Tourists from all over the world come here to experience the uniqueness of the Polish nature. No wonder that it is the edge of the forest that has become a dream place to build a house in the natural luxury style. In the Michalowice Residence, the eco philosophy merges finely with comfort and sophistication.

The house in Michalowice near Cracow was designed by the Mokaa Architekci Group. The building is situated on a southern slope providing a direct view of the Michalowice Forest. This gave the residents access to the enchanting woodland panorama. The direct proximity to nature determined the interior style. The highest quality materials were used to arrange the Michalowice Residence. These included products from the Tubądzin Group.

To decorate walls, floors, internal staircase and a section of the terrace, the designers used large-format tiles designed by Maciej Zień: Pietrasanta and Black Pulpis. The Tubądzin Group inspired by nature collections are seamlessly harmonised with the natural luxury style of the building.

The Pietrasanta’s subtle marble pattern gracefully merged the exterior space with the building's interior. The designers came up with a creative use of the broken white of the tiles, combining them with beautiful light wood and modern industrial-style details. The use of the Pietrasanta collection both on the terrace and interior of the house gives the impression of harmonious balance with the surroundings. The fireplace is decorated spectacularly in a minimalist style with the Pietrasanta collection. Paired with classic black and warm beiges, a calming Scandinavian touch was achieved.

The Black Pulpis collection was incorporated into the wellness space on the basement floor. The shimmering black colour of the tiles, enhanced by a delicate pearl-white veining, promotes tranquillity and relaxation. The large-format Black Pulpis tiles were also used in the bathroom, bringing the relaxation and tranquillity of the spa into the room. The Michalowice Residence is a magnificent example of eco style modern architecture.