Maciej Zień

A designer, stylist, but above all, a perfectionist. For years one of the brightest figures on the Polish fashion scene. Creator of a luxury brand, associated with class and elegance.

A decade of artistic work of the designer was filled with consistent building of a sublime style, which has been recognised in many competitions. Maciej Zień is the recipient of awards for fashion designers – the golden thread and the golden hanger. In 2004, he won the prestigious BELVEDERE INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD in the fashion designer category and twice presented his collections during the Paris prêt-à-porter fashion week. His unique position in the world of fashion was confirmed by the PERFECTION OF FASHION 2010 award awarded by Twój Styl.

Zień is also known in the industry as a creator of theatre costumes and the author of numerous stylisations for video-clips, shows and photographic sessions. This is probably why his creations are popular among show-business stars.

It is like a special journey into the 70’s to a dream land of luxury. A combination of cassinos, summer nights and Formula 1. Surprising, but also fascinating.

A city which does not pretend to be anything else, and does not like things just for show. It is minimalistic, very modern, and at the same time dynamic and open to experimentation.

On the one hand London is grandness, tradition, size and dynamism, but also modernity and extravagance. It is a place which combined opposites, glistening with a multitude of forms, styles and cultures. To me it is an ideal city.

Paris has something fascinating in it... It’s not only its romantic spirit, but an extremely refined taste. The city is delicate and subtle. Beautiful and elegant... Paris never ceases to delight me...

Tokyo is a city which constantly undergoes dynamic changes, and paradoxically maintains its ordered structure. Just as if modernity was written into its tradition since the very beginning.

Barcelona is a never ending source of inspiration. The multitude of colors and patterns, intricately arranged mosaics and monumental buildings – they are not just a feast for the eyes, but a powerful, creative impulse.