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Wzory tapetowe - kolekcja Blue Stone

March 21, 2023

Welcome to the world of Tubądzin, in which perspective is reversed. We bring about a new dimension of walls which have so far been only a background for an interior design; however, they become its main protagonist. Discover our wallpaper patterns.

The Tubądzin brand collections remind pieces of art! This is all owing to the intricately designed wallpaper patterns that have been transferred onto wall ceramics. The origins of wallpaper date back to the Renaissance. Over the centuries, methods of their manufacture have been refined. We have reached for wallpaper patterns and created extremely mesmerising and painting-like wall motifs. Watch the video by clicking on the link.

Wallpaper patterns are coming back not only to living rooms, but also to bathrooms or kitchens. Transferring the concept to ceramic tiles ensures wide range of design options and spectacular aesthetic effects. The brand's designers have taken care of the variety of structures and patterns.

The Tori Take collection is an intricate combination of artistic techniques. Beautiful peacocks and flowers appear on the tiles, collectively creating a balanced artistic composition. The second instalment of the line, on the other hand, refers to shadow theatre. The tiles have a light pattern of bamboo branches, which resembles the contours of plants reflected on the wall on a sunny day.

Moor is a tropical design, neatly coupled with a non-intrusive pastel colour scheme, interspersed with accents of gold. The geometric, mosaic shapes are artisanship at its best. They create a sense of order and proportionality. The subtle leaf motifs bring the invigorating energy of a morning in an exotic setting into the interior. Extraordinarily interesting, the Blue Stone collection carries elements of both artistry and traditional wallpaper design. The magnificent leaves have a watercolour look, which is complemented by blurred contours and subtle elements of gilding. The unusual blue shading effect pairs well with the mosaic tiles in deep burgundy and navy blue.

An authentic wallpaper effect was also achieved with the Blum Rose tiles. Blooming roses, hidden among delicate leaves, create an elegant composition in glamour style. The black background elegantly exposes the white of the plants and their details. The precision of the drawing fits perfectly into the wallpaper key.

The TU_ collective designers also resorted to animal motifs. Heron tiles feature a dynamic image of herons wading in the water and rising to fly. These majestic birds create a real work of art that can be used to decorate any space. Ombre shading emphasises the mood of the awakening day.