A sparkle of nonchalance and refinement to bring an interior to life

A sparkle of nonchalance and refinement to bring an interior to life

January 17, 2023

Carnival is a time of exquisite fun with gold and copper accessories. Sparkling in the light, these fabulous colours embellish interiors and create a unique atmosphere. How about... extending the celebration of life and interweaving it with day-to-day grind. The phenomenal tiles of the Tubądzin Group will help with their shimmering subtle décors which brighten up any space.

Gold is not a colour restricted to the carnival season; however, this is the time when we appreciate it more than ever. Glittering decorations set the mood and are conducive to a happy state of mind, which is why it is a good idea to make it a permanent feature in your interior. An excellent idea would be to select ceramic tiles, which do not provoke with their bright shades, but adorn the space with an unconstrained, unobtrusive glow. The Tubądzin Group offers a whole range of elegant collections with gold or copper as the main colours!

Carnival flare-up

Gold and copper are noble colours that can bring a glitter and a tone of refreshment to an interior. It is not worth giving them up, simply because they go well with most colours and shades, intensifying their depth. Gold glimpses particularly phenomenal with black, intense browns and copper reflections, as is the case in the Sophi Oro collection from the Tubądzin Group. Here, classic black serves as a background for palm leaves embossed with gold. The floral motif introduces an element of exoticism and originality. Sophi Oro tiles are chic and will ensure that home spaces delight with a balanced carnival flair all year round!

The Brainstorm collection surprises with its boldness and thoughtful design inspired by nature. The collection was influenced by the phenomenon of the storm with its energetic aura. The designers mirrored the dynamics of the stormy sky in the form of tiles in copper, silver and graphite and white. Owing to the captivating mosaic, the space takes on a unique feel, encouraging people to actively spend time and celebrate every moment!

Shimmer that impresses with its perfection

Refined, regular patterns create spaces that are harmonious, well-proportioned and elegant. When combined with unobtrusive golden expressions, the interior radiates warmth and subtlety. In case of the Lumiere collection by the Tubądzin Group, beautiful white tiles with small golden elements bring to mind softness and lightness of fluff. At the same time, they light up the décor with a tactful glitter and sophistication, which let the truly carnival look come to the fore.

The Tissue collection is an exceptionally fine combination of emerald green and enchanting gold. The two noble colours are joined as if in a strong embrace, filling the interior with unobviousness and superior style. Slightly rounded patterns, arranged alternately, catch the eye and allow the sophisticated aesthetics to be savoured. It is the delicacy and the reference to wallpaper patterns that encourage refined entertaining with those who are close to you.

Elegant clarity

The stylistics of the Sophisticated collection by Maciej Zień also expresses a commitment to classics and timelessness. Saturated bottle green corresponds perfectly with subtle gold accents, while the wallpaper pattern emphasises the commitment to traditional beauty.

The famous designer's collection also features gold on a white stone canvas. The geometric mosaic is a praise of artisanship and a tribute to the finest colours in the palette. The expressive reference to nature will perfectly decorate any interior - not only during the carnival rush.

A wealth of patterns and structures is the hallmark of Carnival. It is a time when art, architecture and animal spirits harmoniously intertwine in a dance full of passion and intimacy. A great expression of all this is one of the latest collections from the Tubądzin Group - Blue Stone. Its painterly and at the same time perfectionist flair allows the creation of highly representative arrangements.

The collection comprises two versions, which are united by gold. The first is based on a floral motif. The magnificent leaves, coated in blues, whites and navy blue, are decorated with ephemeral touches of gold in the contours of the pattern. In this way, the tiles create a true work of art. The second version, on the other hand, is a beautiful gold-coated tile in saturated burgundy and deep navy blue. The strong contrast is toned down by subtle gilding, which looks like dewdrops sparkling in the sunlight.

Captivating. Stimulating the imagination. Elegant. Stylish collections from the Tubądzin Group will make a real metamorphosis of interiors, becoming not only an element of finishing, but above all their beautiful decoration.