A spring design

A spring design

March 4, 2024

As spring comes closer, it brings a promise of warmer days and rediscovering the beauty of our terraces. It is now, when nature awakens to life, that it is worth considering preparations for the new season. With koraTER terrace tiles from the Tubądzin Group, outdoor relaxation takes on a new meaning.

A terrace is more than just a place to relax, it is also an additional space that needs to be organised. Discovering its potential involves a journey into the world of unique design. Increasingly, it is no longer just a place to relax and is being filled with truly unusual arrangements. Spring provides an opportunity to discover the latest terrace trends and take a creative look at décor.

The koraTER terrace tiles from the Tubądzin Group are one of the most interesting solutions. They offer inspiration for creating the outdoor area of your dreams. The KoraTER does add to the aesthetics of terraces and creates an atmosphere of leisure and tranquillity. The KoraTER tiles can be laid, for example, on terrace supports, drainage mortar, sand or gravel ballast, or even laid directly on the ground.

The KoraTER tiles feature seven original collections, which enable you to select almost any style of terrace arrangement as well as having their practical functionality. Their ease of maintenance means that the terrace will always look great, whatever the weather. Their durability and robustness guarantee that we can enjoy a beautifully arranged outdoor space for multiple seasons.

The innovative KoraTER terrace tiles open up a wide range of possibilities for creative arrangements that perfectly fit in with the latest trends. The KoraTER terrace tiles with a smooth surface in neutral colours such as white or grey are ideally suited to modern minimalism, characterised by simple forms and austerity. Nature and ecology lovers may be inspired by the eco-chic trend. In this case, tiles with a wood or stone structure, available in a palette of browns and beiges, will be an excellent choice. The KoraTER maintains a natural look while eliminating the maintenance problems associated with real wood. Those wishing to bring a traditional feel to their terrace can opt for rustic arrangements. Terrace tiles that come with warm shades of brown will fit in perfectly with this trend, giving the terrace a cosy and nostalgic feel. Mediterranean-inspired terraces are also gaining in popularity. Bright, pastel-coloured terrace tiles in white and beige are ideal for creating a relaxed seaside atmosphere.

Spring is time of revival, both for nature and for us. It is therefore worth trying and ensuring that our outdoor space is not only functional, but also beautiful and inviting to spend time there. The KoraTER tiles are an investment in the comfort and aesthetics of our surroundings.