A symphony of femininity - Maciej Zień celebrates the 25th anniversary of his brand

A symphony of femininity - Maciej Zień celebrates the 25th anniversary of his brand

December 20, 2023

Full of passion and joy of creation, Maciej Zień has returned to the interiors of the Grand Theatre of the National Opera to present the jubilee collection "Black and White Symphony." The Tubądzin Group was a partner of the event.

The collection is a summary of 25 years and at the same time an opening of another stage of creativity. It is braced by Zień's trademark classics and lightness of playing with fashion. Favourite lines, cuts, beautiful fabrics, tailoring artisanry and workmanship. As always, all designs put femininity on a pedestal, which is sometimes romantic and other times predatory. This collection is simply a symphony of femininity.

The setting was taken care of by the Tubądzin Group, which Maciej Zień has collaborated for 15 years with, creating original collections of ceramics. This Polish company with a 40-year tradition is united with the designer by elegance, quality and timeless style, as well as a constant striving for perfection. Their collaborative porcelain tiles filled the interiors of the stage and other spaces of the Grand Theatre of the National Opera.

Guests were transported to a stave of shapes, white and black creations. Zień showed that classics can be played with and that black and white can have many faces and shades. It is a monochromatic collection, changeable, dynamic, constantly evolving, where the only colourful accent was a red creation. Red is an indispensable accent for feminine evening outfits.

– I wanna keep myself entertained. Fashion is supposed to be fun, a way of expressing one's personality. The creation is supposed to tune in, as in music, to its heroine – says Maciej Zień.

"Black and White Symphony" is not just a collection of evening creations, it is a unique experience of art and fashion. Design does not have to be limited to a single discipline. Maciej, creating his anniversary event, built different worlds based on his imagination.

"Black and White Symphony" is more than a show. It is a performance and an artistic event. Fashion becomes music and interiors complete this jubilee story. An act took place on the catwalk, while another took place among the audience. Zień's muses appeared at the show wearing creations from the designer's latest and earlier collections. This perfectly complemented the sounds of this symphony.

Zień's fashion is like music. It is supposed to entertain, it is meant to be pleasant, it is intended to give beautiful moments and unique experiences. It is a joy that every woman desires. See the symphony conducted by Maciej Zień.