A touch of elegance

A touch of elegance

December 5, 2023

Transparent and multi-dimensional – the large-format tiles from the Tubądzin Group delight with perfection of the patterns. They perfectly reflect the charm of natural onyx. They bring luminosity and subtle elegance to interiors.

Onyx is an alternative to the ubiquitous marble. Its pattern is more delicate and works well in a wide range of design styles. The Onice collection from the Tubądzin Group delights with its multidimensionality.

Onice – a stone that loves light

Delicate white and luminous shades of pink are reminiscent of the sky waking up in the early morning. An energetic flair of brown shades completes the tranquillity of the muted colours. This constructive interaction of colours creates perfect balance. When exposed to light, it reveals a rich and multi-layered structure that unfolds a magnificent symphony of colours. Sparkling reflections, shades of pink associated with energy and burning cinders, bring to mind the energy of the morning. Pink onyx, which sparkles spectacularly in the rays of the morning sun, intrigues with its ambiguity and mystery.

Jewelry touch of elegance

Onyx requires no additional decoration. Its pattern is sufficiently ornamental. The Onice collection provides an opportunity to create striking and cosy interiors. High gloss gives the tiles a luminous quality typical of natural stone. The multi-layered pattern creates an impression of natural translucence and spaciousness. When exposed to light, it reveals a rich and multi-layered structure that unfolds a magnificent symphony of colours.

Gentle charm

Those who love natural patterns and minimalist interiors choose Onice Bianco Mat. The exaggerated onyx pattern in matte has been combined with wooden decorations. It is a perfect base for arrangements in the natural luxury, Japanese, minimalist, but also classic style.

Soft, coarse-weave fabrics, gold accents blending harmoniously with the brown colouring and accessories in pastel pink or natural wood shades are the perfect complement. Diffused light sources will allow the beauty of the mineral to be fully exposed.

The pattern taken from natural onyx has been transferred to 120 x 275, 120 x 120 and 60 x 120 cm large-format porcelain stoneware. Their size emphasises the deeply embedded graphics shimmering with shades and uneven stratification effects. This makes Onice impress with the incredible decorativeness inherent in natural onyx, creating an artful entirety.