Joanna Banaszewska-style country house

Joanna Banaszewska-style country house

October 17, 2023

Rural interiors are cosy, practical and warm. In country houses, it is the quality of finishing that really matters. Romantic, friendly and comfortable spaces make a combination of unique elements, tiles from the Tubądzin Group and traditional building material, which is wood.

This is the style that Joanna Banaszewska created her space in. Issues of body-positivity and self-acceptance are particularly important to her, which she has been combining with her work as a model and clothing label owner. Joanna's personal experiences drive the brand - she says; Joanna has made a real revolution in her mind, has fallen in love with her body and now is eager to share her experiences with others. She encourages women to live in harmony with themselves, pursue their goals and approach their dreams with determination. One of Joanna's passions is room decorating, which she became interested in when she created @Siedlisko.nad.stawem. Siedlisko is a country house in a style that combines nature with interior trends. Joanna's interiors are based on materials from Tubądzin, which emphasise their unique flair to the space.

Fashion and renovation

Joanna is primarily interested in fashion; she is the founder of the Bubabanana brand, which focuses on body acceptance. Particularly important to her are the materials used to stitch the products. She makes sure that they are of high quality. This is what motivated her when choosing the finishing goods for her idyllic space in the countryside. It was her love of fashion that led the designer to choose materials from the Tubądzin brand from the Maciej Zień collection. Timber, visible at the ceiling of each room, is a unifying element of the entirety. Each space has a distinct flair, but collectively they form a cohesive entirety that is a perfect refuge for relaxation.

Joanna's out-of-town home became the focus of the latest episode of the series "Open the door for Tubądzin." The series takes viewers to the homes and studios of Polish artists and lovers of unique interiors. It is a unique opportunity to see extraordinary interior arrangements created by and for native artists. The guests of the series will show how they live and work and will tell how they seek inspiration for their spaces.

Classics surrounded by nature

The Fashion stoneware mosaic is a timeless classic. Its broken white tiles and contrasting dark squares create an effect reminiscent of floors from Parisian townhouses. In this edition, classical colours and shapes are extremely interesting and conquer interior nature. Joanna added the Timeless White wall tile to the Fashion stoneware mosaic, which harmonises perfectly with this combination. The classic, bright tiles add elegance and break up the natural interiors. This combination of Fashion mosaic and Timeless White tile works perfectly with its colour! In her bathroom, Joanna paired them with a marine shade that is a fusion of blue and green.

A quality bathroom finishing with colour

Dark green is increasingly appearing in interiors, blending well with multiple elements of a space. Distinctive accents in rooms bring out their potential. This is what Joanna did in her larger bathroom, where she combined Timeless Green wall tiles with Mountain Ash Coral porcelain stoneware. This fusion of bottle green with light wood is both balanced and elegant. These earthy colours bring harmony and tranquillity to the space. To complement this combination, Joanna also added bright tiles in the shower cubicle from the Sophisticated Brick White collection to brighten up the space. The cabin in the creator's bathroom is very minimalist. She opted for a walk-in shower without a shower tray, which is delicate and blends imperceptibly with the tiles from the Tubądzin Group. 

Unusual garage floor

What is associated with a garage? The common perception is that it is not a place to be prepared for guests, but instead it is application oriented. Joanna decided, in spite of this opinion, to use the garage as another area for pleasant spending of time. The space was arranged for meetings, so the tiles could not be typical of a garage. Joanna opted for Macchia Grey wall tiles, with a terrazzo pattern which is currently considered as one of the most fashionable finishing materials.

You are invited to see a tour of Joanna's country house - the web designer featured in the latest Open the door for Tubądzin x Joanna Banaszewska - YouTube