March 11, 2021

The latest edition of tiles in 30 x 75 cm format from Tubądzin is an invitation to the world of saturated colours, which are associated with the boundlessness of the sky and the ocean, their mystery, freshness and changeable nature. This is a proposal for people who are looking for respite, harmony and want to feel unique.

The uniqueness of the My Tones collection lies in its diversity. The expressive colouring of the tiles, which is the hallmark of the collection, attracts attention with deep emerald green and navy blue shades, which can look even more beautifully against the background of soothing white. Małgorzata Sawicka-Wieczorek, the author of the collection, has focused on subtlety and softness of style in her design, making the intensive colours, structures and decoration not overwhelming, but evoking positive associations, allowing to calm down and find balance.

"The My Tones collection is the epitome of relaxation. For many, tranquillity comes in the colour blue, which is seen as the vastness of the skies or the azure shades of sea water. The cool, blue colour allows you to sink into thoughts, let your imagination drift away to unknown regions, and breathe. The blue promotes an escape from civilization into pure, unspoiled nature. I decided to recreate the atmosphere of such expeditions in the interior", says the designer.
A wide range of decorations, which accompany classic basic tiles, introduce multidimensionality to the interior, stimulate imagination and encourage to create unobvious compositions. The abundance of structures, shapes and patterns gives great scope for creation. Orderly, simple geometric motifs present in the collection are combined here with the decorative, free pattern of My Tones Rug, a reference to late Baroque art, creating a complementary form. The gloss and matt finish of the tiles create a delicate glow that brightens up the interior and add a pearly nobility to it.

"Minimalist elements of the collection were complemented with elegant floral motif in regency style. Stealthily, these tiles introduce an idyllic motif, though interpreted to fit our times. Shimmering spatial decorations, resembling gentle reflections of the setting sun on the surface of water, also provide a natural element. Playing with light makes the colours of the interior change depending on the time of the day", explains Małgorzata Sawicka-Wieczorek.

The collection includes My Tones White, Green and Navy wall tiles in the size of 298 x 748 mm, 10 mm thickness and in a matt and glossy finish, as well as the My Tones White STR structural tile with the same parameters, with delicately grooved lines, arranged in regular vertical or horizontal stripes.

An unusual ornament of the collection are decorative tiles - My Tones Green B and Navy B, with a motif of small dots that add lightness and are a subtle jewellery like element. This pattern also appears in the two-piece wall decors - My Tones Green A and Navy A, where it gradually transforms into slightly larger geometric details.

The collection is complemented by porcelain floor tiles with dimensions of 598 x 598 mm, thickness of 11 mm and matt finish, which are the colour equivalents of the base tiles, thanks to which it is possible to create a consistent arrangement. It is also worth paying attention to small, but very charming tiles in the shape of narrow stripes, in the shade of green and navy blue (48 x 298 mm). These tiles carry a lot of design possibilities and, depending on their arrangement, can emphasize the style of a room and even give it a definitive character. In the classic chequerboard version the interior will gain elegance, herringbone will introduce some liveliness and nonchalance, while the composition of vertical stripes, set next to each other, will work perfectly in minimalist and modern designs.

All tiles in the My Tones collection are rectified, which allows for use of a minimum number of joints and thus obtain the effect of consistent and harmonious surface. Porcelain tiles are also distinguished by their frost resistance, thanks to which they can successfully finish the floor on a balcony or a terrace.

The My Tones collection will certainly appeal to people who feel comfortable in classic and glamour style interiors. Gold accents in the form of lamps or bathroom fittings will add uniqueness to the space and make it more luxurious. The collection provides a sophisticated, colourful background for designer furniture. It is beautifully presented in the company of soft armchairs and pouffes, with characteristic rounded shapes, which delight with almost film style and elegance, and at the same time encourage to rest and regeneration.

The Tubądzin Group is one of the best recognized manufacturers of ceramic tiles in Poland. For 35 years it has been setting design trends, introducing innovative products and solutions. In Poland, Tubądzin is a pioneer in the production of large-format slabs, up to the size of 120x240 cm. Its products, manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, can be used in any space, not only in the bathroom. The highest quality tiles that resemble wood, marble or concrete, produced on the basis of the most modern world technologies, are the trademark of the Tubądzin Group. In 2019, the company sold its products to 60 countries.

Tubądzin invites outstanding creators of design and culture to cooperation (including Maciej Zień, Dorota Koziara, Wojciech Siudmak), organizes prestigious competitions for young designers and architects – Tubądzin Design Awards and engages in educational, social and ecological activities.

The Tubądzin branded tiles are made of natural and precious raw materials, and decorated with natural dyes that are safe to human health and the environment. While looking after the environment, Tubądzin promotes the principles of sustainable development and invests in innovative solutions - including the Continua+ technology, thus contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. The company is also involved in pro-ecological projects and undertakes activities aimed at increasing the local community's awareness in this respect.

Media contact:
Agata Grenda
Tubądzin Group Press Officer
mobile: + 48 608 558 405