Mysterious nature in an industrial setting

Mysterious nature in an industrial setting

November 29, 2023

Interior design is becoming an art as part of which architects and designers seek to combine modernity with tradition, as well as futuristic shapes with classic nature. The Travertino collection created by the Tubądzin Group is a perfect combination of the unique beauty of nature and the latest trends.

The industrial style originates from specific interiors of factories and warehouses that have been creatively transformed into living spaces. It is characterised by raw materials, exposed structural elements such as prominent pipes and wires. Metal elements, natural-textured wood and raw finishes are also important. The factory design is reminiscent of an industrial aesthetic but is broken up with natural elements to create cosy and original interiors.

Inspired by the extraordinary landscape of Yellowstone, the Travertino collection, brings natural beauty to industrial arrangements. Yellowstone, the oldest national park in the world, inspired the Tubądzin Group designers to create a unique collection of ceramic tiles. It is an extraordinary place, packed with picturesque canyons, waterfalls and geysers.

Yellowstone that is located in the United States is a remarkable place not only for its history, but also for its enchanting landscape. The region's travertine hills are home to an extensive complex of hot springs, which combined with the limestone sediment creates picturesque features in shades of white, beige and soft browns. The travertine in Yellowstone is not allowed to be mined, although it is one of the most beautiful in the world. Such unavailability only adds an extra charm to it.

The designers of the Travertino collection decided to transfer the stunning and inaccessible pattern to ceramic tiles. The result is a series with a distinctive look that reflects the beauty of Yellowstone's travertine hills. These tiles are the perfect addition to an industrial design interior, bringing elegance while remaining in harmony with nature.

The Travertino tiles are available in a new, impressive 120 x 275 cm format. They can be applied to both walls and floors, giving rooms a unique flair. The classic beauty of nature in ceramic form is a perfect solution for those who seek to combine modernity with tradition.