New standard of decoration - the Tubądzin Group offers tiles decorated with gold and platinum

New standard of decoration - the Tubądzin Group offers tiles decorated with gold and platinum

September 19, 2023

A modern high-tech line for decorating large-format tiles is in operation at the Tubądzin factory. A new digital printing method applied directly to the burnt tile is the first of its kind in Europe, enabling up to 150 x 300 cm products to be decorated.

Upgraded production line at CT1 is equipped with a plotter for digital printing using special ceramic inks, which enables tiles up to 150 cm wide and 300 cm long to be decorated with up to 13 colours. This type of printing offers remarkably high decorative opportunities. Not only does it guarantee high colour resolution and intensity, which translates, among other things, into a realistic reproduction of natural elements, but it also provides a wide colour range. This expands the colour palette to include previously unattainable red or white on a black background and increases the saturation of tones - from deep green to intense claret.

Gold and platinum

– We can decorate tiles with special-purpose inks containing 10% gold and platinum. This brings an original shine to the décor pieces, which is typical for precious metals, explains Mirosław Jędrzejczyk, the President of the Tubądzin Group. – This project cost more than 30 million zlotys. This enables creating sophisticated products for demanding customers and guarantees the highest quality of ornamentation.

Vetroza, which is a decorating line, may be used to decorate tiles of all formats produced by the Tubądzin Group. Synchronised printing with special effects will enable additional decoration with gold, platinum or mirror, e.g. decorative mines on marble tiles. A new feature is the decoration of tiles with concave structures, which gives them an interesting and deepened effect of multidimensionality and spatiality. After printing, the tiles are re-burnt at temperatures of up to 800°C. This makes the print durable, and the colours will retain their shades for hundreds of years.

– Large-format tiles with original decorations are used in interiors, but also as elements of ventilated façades. The Tubądzin Group conducts non-standard projects. In Łódź, an unusual artistic courtyard was created, "Birth of the Day", where works by Wojciech Siudmak decorate the façade. The façade of the Tubądzin Group's Logistics Centre in Cedrowice is decorated with an image consisting of 479 elements - the largest being a tile measuring 120 x 240 cm, and the smallest a triangle measuring 52 x 45 x 27 cm, enumerates Mirosław Jędrzejczyk.

The Tubądzin Group was the first company in Poland to start large-format production. The Tubądzin Group's technological capabilities allow it to manufacture tiles with any drawing, pattern or graphic.

For many years, the Tubądzin Group has been famous for the most sophisticated decorative forms - from satin-touch tile finishing to three-dimensional, interestingly decorated forms of unprecedented design. The modern decorative line will enable ambitious, creative ideas from architects and designers working within the TU_kolektyw group to be realised.

Construction of its new decorative line marks another stage in the Tubądzin Group's development plan. The company is investing in innovative technologies that guarantee modern and world-class design, but also ensure sustainable production.