"Open the door for Tubądzin" is launched - get inspired by unusual projects and see how Polish artists live their lives!

"Open the door for Tubądzin" is launched - get inspired by unusual projects and see how Polish artists live their lives!

April 19, 2022

"Open the door for Tubądzin" is a new show which is to introduce viewers to the homes and studios of Polish artists and lovers of unique interiors. This is a unique opportunity to see extraordinary interior arrangements created by and for local artists. The guests of the series will show how they live and work, and will tell us how they seek inspiration for their interiors. All consecutive episodes will be available on the company's YouTube channel as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

The final result of a designer's work is very often the only link between the creator and the audience. Inspirations remain in the realm of conjecture - the kind of interiors in which design ideas are put into practice and the kind of objects their authors surround themselves with. "Open the door for Tubądzin" will reveal some of the secrets and invite viewers to the private spaces of the Polish artists representing the world of design.

Under a new formula, viewers will be able to learn about the creators' approach to design and the creation of places perfectly suited to their preferences, personalities or values. In a relaxed, homely atmosphere, representatives of the world of art, architecture and media will share stories about their private interiors. They will also talk about the impact of design on well-being, mood and the process of creation. Viewers will find out how space can stimulate action or soothe the senses. It will be a large dose of knowledge and practical advice for those looking for inspiring ideas and all those interested in making their space perfect.

"Open the door for Tubądzin" brings an unusual opportunity to peep into the private spaces of artists, which have not been presented in such a way so far. The participants will share their motivations, inspirations and talk about how a properly arranged space answers their most important demands. Viewers will find out what solutions they use to stimulate their creativity, what spurs them to action, and what makes them calm and relaxed. The formula will not only be an opportunity to look at interesting, original interiors, but also to learn about the artist's workshop and functional solutions which our viewers will be able to use in their own spaces, says Magdalena Pisera, Head of Marketing Department at Tubądzin, which is responsible for the format launch.

Artists representing the world of architecture and design were invited to the first series of "Open the door for Tubądzin". The premiere episode will feature Katarzyna Szostakowska, an interior designer and founder of the renowned interior design website PoliszDesign by Kate&Co, who also runs her own studio at home. The viewers will have an opportunity to see her private interiors, which captivate with comfort, nobleness and at the same time skilfully balance between style, functionality and the highest quality of finish. The designer will also explain how she chose particular materials and furnishings, and why her home looks the way it does. You are invited to pay this inspiring visit and to follow the entire series of "Open the door for Tubądzin". - Magdalena Pisera adds.

The show Open the door for Tubądzin will be available from 1 April. The premiere episode appears simultaneously on the company's YouTube channel as well as on its social media profiles including Facebook and Instagram.

Watch episode 1: https://youtu.be/5BQcmQApfUQ

Tubądzin Group is one of the best recognized manufacturers of ceramic tiles in Poland. For almost 40 years it has been setting design trends, introducing innovative products and solutions. In Poland, it is a pioneer in the production of large-format boards, reaching a size of 120x240 cm. Its products, manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, can be used in any space, not only in the bathroom. The highest quality tiles, closely resembling wood, marble or concrete, produced with the use of the latest global technologies, are the flagship product of the Tubądzin Group. In 2020, the company sold its products to 60 countries.

Tubądzin invites to cooperation outstanding creators of design and culture (including Maciej Zień, Dorota Koziara, Wojciech Siudmak), organizes prestigious competition for young designers and architects – Tubądzin Design Awards and engages in educational, social and ecological activities.

Tubądzin brand tiles are made of natural and precious raw materials, and decorated with natural dyes that are safe to human health and the environment. While looking after the environment, Tubądzin promotes the principles of sustainable development and invests in innovative solutions - including the Continua+ technology and a modern ATM 36 spray drying room, thus contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. The company is also involved in pro-ecological projects and undertakes activities aimed at increasing the local community's awareness in this respect.

Media contact:

Magdalena Pisera

Head of Marketing Department Grupa Tubądzin

tel. +42 710 37 48

e-mail: m.pisera@tubadzin.pl