Perfection in detail - porcelain tiles for façades

Perfection in detail - porcelain tiles for façades

April 16, 2024

Building façades should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and durable. These qualities are guaranteed by the Tubądzin Airflow System, which combines excellent appearance and quality with an innovative approach to thermal insulation.

Exceptional properties

TAS (Tubądzin Airflow System) combines beauty with exceptional functionality. The application of porcelain tiles for façades ensures both an aesthetic finish and resistance to weather conditions. Exterior parts of buildings finished with ceramics installed in accordance with TAS are resistant to water, stains, extreme temperatures and frost. In addition, they provide optimum thermal insulation, allow ventilation of the masonry and provide acoustic insulation.

An almost uniform surface, quick installation and colour fastness make porcelain tiles from the Tubądzin Group a perfect choice for years to come. In addition, customisation options, through the innovative Vetroza method, allow any graphics chosen by the architect to be transferred onto the tiles, giving unlimited creative possibilities.

This project featured tiles from the Tubądzin Group's Industrio Antrazite and Honey Wood Beige collections on the roof and façade. The terrace slabs in front of the house are koraTER Grand Cave Grey.

Innovation in design and installation

The TAS substructure system makes it possible to install the tiles on a variety of surfaces and buildings, including those measuring up to 25 metres high and on pitched roofs. The flexibility and simplicity of installation make the system an ideal choice for a variety of architectural projects. The ability to integrate with photovoltaic panels allows the façade to be used as an energy source.

Safety and resilience

Monolith Plus tiles are glued with a fibreglass mesh to provide high resistance to breaking and prevent them from breaking into small pieces on impact. This is a key feature required when installing the panels next to walkways and wherever breaking the material would cause a hazard.

TAS documents and testing

The TAS system has undergone numerous tests, including tests of the boards' adhesion in Bostik mounting systems, tests at the Building Research Institute for impact resistance, climate tests (heating - raining) at the Building Research Institute, tests at the Building Research Institute for hail ball impact resistance, tests at the Building Research Institute for wind pressure and suction. Monolith Plus tiles have received a National Technical Assessment. The tests required to obtain a National Technical Assessment for the full bonded and riveted ventilated façade system with substructure have now been completed. The tests carried out as part of the testing procedure confirmed that the product parameters were achieved in accordance with the standards and, in many cases, significantly higher than expected, confirming the high quality and safety of the TAS system. The scope of testing was broader than the requirements of the certification procedure. The Tubądzin Group is also open to conducting individual tests with its partners for specific projects.

Tubądzin Airflow System is a revolution in façade architecture. With its unique properties, aesthetics and innovation, it provides the perfect solution for any architectural project. With TAS, façades become not only a showcase of the building, but also a symbol of modernity and functionality.