Pietra Blue: Adriatic marble in a domestic oasis

Pietra Blue: Adriatic marble in a domestic oasis

September 27, 2023

Mediterranean climate in interiors - discover the new Pietra Blue collection from the Tubądzin Group. Create an arrangement infused with tranquillity and a relaxing ambience. Opt for a new large 120 x 275 cm format. Discover all the charm of natural raw materials and seaside inspirations.

Commitment to wellbeing and harmony is one of the main trends at the moment, not only to the beauty industry but also to the world of architecture. Bathrooms are being transformed into home spa zones, while other rooms are being given gentle touches to help create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquillity.

Interior design is dominated by inspirations from nature. Warm, harmonious colours, which reflect the beauty of the world around us, bring calm and balance into our homes, which fosters a good atmosphere.

The island of Brač, one of those charming holiday destinations, is a true treasure of Dalmatia. It is here that you will find both one of Croatia's highest peaks and extraordinary white marble pits. This unique raw material decorates the most beautiful residences around the world, including columns in the White House in Washington. Brač is surrounded by warm Adriatic waters, and the sea waves reflecting the sun's rays create an extraordinary show on the walls of the coastal buildings.

The Croatian landscape became a source of inspiration for the Tubądzin Group designers, who created the Pietra Blue collection. It is a tribute to this marble's beauty. The pristine white, which is a distinctive mark of this stone, harmonises perfectly with Adriatic blue and golden accents. This combination creates an extraordinary climate. 

Pietra Blue, featured on the walls and floor in the bathroom, is reminiscent of a real spa. In the kitchen, on the countertops or the kitchen island, Pietra Blue adds elegance and makes for a practical solution. It is also a beautiful background to the workspace, where it will enliven the space and help with concentration. Taking inspiration from the beauty of Brač, you can transform your living room into a place where you can feel that blissful Adriatic climate. Bright colours, wooden elements and subtle Pietra Blue accents give the interior a unique flair.

The Adriatic variety of marble brings luxury and elegance to the arrangement, which harmonises perfectly with natural accessories. Availability in various formats, including an impressive 120 x 275 cm, allows for creative arrangements and offers plenty of opportunities to express one's own style.