Romanticism in interior design

Romanticism in interior design

February 14, 2024

Romantic style in interior arrangements provides an aesthetic journey into a world of softness and nostalgia. It transforms a domestic space into a glamorous spot where every element reflects subtlety and refinement. The Tubądzin Group brings forward collections that will help transfer a romantic mood to interiors.

This style is defined by a combination of classical elements with references to nature. It is dominated by delicate forms, muted colours and an emphasis upon details. Such interiors often radiate warmth and tranquillity, providing solace for the senses. Natural materials are central, including wood, stone and fabrics with soft textures. Furniture is defined by curved lines, ornaments and delicate embellishments, which accentuate elegance. Romantic style's colour palette includes pastels, deep burgundies, shades of pink and beiges. These shades convey harmony and gentleness while emphasising the romantic mood of the interior. In addition, this style often employs floral motifs, which provide a reference to nature and add a romantic touch of grandeur.

Bloom Rose: a rose garden in the interior

Roses are a symbol of love. They add elegance and charm to an interior. The black and white patterns included in the Bloom Rose collection from the Tubądzin Group fascinate with their alluring and dignified details. The change of perspective shows irregularly shaped petals, the frayed nature of the leaves, as well as the individual phases of bloom, making the images subtle and unobtrusive.

The mesmerising effect of the Bloom Rose collection is due in part to the realistic drawing of the flowers, but at the same time to the non-obvious interpretation of the monochrome colour scheme. A delicate gold thread adds a chic touch, creating a sense of artwork on the wall. The 30x75 cm format highlights the richness of forms and shapes, perfectly suited to romantic interior design.

Mild Garden: floral idyll

Inspired by Frances Hodgson Burnett's "The Secret Garden", the Mild Garden collection brings freshness and joy to your interior as you watch nature awaken. The subtle watercolour images of flowers on the hexagon-shaped tile, as well as the pastel colours, create a romantic reinterpretation of the English aesthetic. Not only do these tiles bring delicacy to an interior, but they also bring a breath of freshness. The Mild Garden collection is full of free-form, floral patterns, perfectly bringing nature and romance into the setting.

Rochelle: in bloom

The Rochelle collection is a cohesive combination of beiges and greys. For this collection, the inspiration comes from poppies that dance in the wind in gentle gusts. The flower lines on the satin surface with a marble pattern are enhanced by the platinum thread.

In addition, the lamellae used in the arrangement are like frames for this painterly image, completing the entire piece and creating a cohesive composition. The Rochelle collection is perfect for romantic interiors, bringing subtlety and elegance to a room.

Through the Tubądzin Group collections, interiors kept in a romantic style become a place full of love. The floral motifs, subtle textures and harmonious colours found in these collections harmonise seamlessly with the aesthetics of a romantic interior, creating a space full of enchantment and tenderness.