March 3, 2021

The awards of quarterly "Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych" went to the MARMO D'ORO, CURIO and COMA collections. The first two proposals also received the titles of Pearl of Ceramics Distributors 2020. Additionally, the CURIO collection was awarded the distinction Pearl of Ceramics Designers.

On 2 March a representative of Ceramika Tubądzin received statuettes in the Pearls of CERAMICS EU 2020 competition, which is organized since 2004 by the quarterly " Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych" (since 2012 in cooperation with CAD Projekt K&A). The aim of the competition is to promote ceramic tiles available on the Polish market, which are distinguished in their design, innovation and very good quality. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers have resigned from the ceremonial gala of the seventeenth edition of the competition, handing over the awards to the winners during individual meetings.

The awarded collections of the Tubądzin Group are the result of careful listening to the customers' needs, following trends and proposing own solutions. Each collection represents a completely different style and responds to different customer needs.

The MARMO D'ORO collection is one of the large format novelties of 2020 of the MONOLITH brand. Inspired by kintsugi, the Japanese technique of repairing broken ceramics by reassembling the pieces with powdered gold and other precious metals, the collection has quickly become very popular among private customers and architects.

Tiles in this collection faithfully reflect the structure of white marble, and grey and gold veins crossing the tile like gold and lacquerware (lacquer tree resin) bring out an additional beauty from the stone structure. Exactly just like kintsugi highlights the imperfections of broken porcelain by beautifully and intricately reconnecting it

The second of the awarded collections is one of the new proposals of Tubądzin Ceramics 2020, in the 33 x 90 cm format. CURIO is a collection extremely rich in style, patterns and colours. It will appeal to those who find Scandinavian minimalism too monotonous and who want inspiration and a feast for the senses. It is an interesting alternative to bright, austere interiors or sophisticated and elegant stone. Warm, sallow colours and mineral shades of green and blue give a sense of serenity while giving a boost of positive energy. The collection is also inspired by rustic terracotta. Just as in the Spanish cotto, depending on the type of clay used, the colour palette can range from yellow to red amaranth, in the CURIO collection, the shades range from blue, through green, grey to classic blue. And all of them, as though scarred by the tooth of time, incline to sentimental memories, a bit dirty. Classic Blue is the colour that the Pantone Colour Institute has chosen as the leading colour for 2020.

The last of the distinguished proposals is the COMA collection. The glitter of pearls and the mysteries of onyx were the inspiration for this proposal, measuring 33 x 90 cm

Gemstones have inspired artists and craftsmen for millennia and are an object of desire for all those who value luxury. The Ceramika Tubądzin designers were inspired not only by the drawing of natural onyx and shining white pearls, but also by the irregularity of the structure of natural stones. The combination of original, three-dimensional tiles with pearl decor and breaking the blue - Pantone's colour of the year - with fashionable grey and glitter of pearls, gives the effect of modern glamour and provides many arrangement possibilities.

The Tubądzin Group is one of the best recognized manufacturers of ceramic tiles in Poland. For 35 years it has been setting design trends, introducing innovative products and solutions. In Poland, it is a pioneer in the production of large-format boards, reaching a size of 120x240 cm. Its products, manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, can be used in any space, not only in the bathroom. The highest quality tiles, closely resembling wood, marble or concrete, produced with the use of the latest global technologies, are the flagship product of the Tubądzin Group. In 2020, the company sold its products to 60 countries.

Tubądzin invites to cooperation outstanding creators of design and culture (including Maciej Zień, Dorota Koziara, Wojciech Siudmak), organizes prestigious competition for young designers and architects – Tubądzin Design Awards and engages in educational, social and ecological activities.

Tubądzin brand tiles are made of natural and precious raw materials, and decorated with natural dyes that are safe to human health and the environment. While looking after the environment, Tubądzin promotes the principles of sustainable development and invests in innovative solutions - including the Continua+ technology, thus contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. The company is also involved in pro-ecological projects and undertakes activities aimed at increasing the local community's awareness in this respect.

Media contact:
Agata Grenda
Tubądzin Group Press Officer
mobile: + 48 608 558 405