March 19, 2021

The new spring proposal by Ceramika Tubądzin is accompanied by a note of fabulousness and childish carelessness, associated with discovering what is unknown, dreamy and ephemeral. Warm, relaxing colours and floral patterns will bring breath, freshness and joy of nature waking to life into the interior.

While creating her latest collection in the 30 x 75 cm format, its author, Agnieszka Michalak, was inspired by the aesthetics of an English home. However, the designer departed from heavy decorations and intense wallpaper embellishments in favour of light, watercolour paintings. Thanks to this, Mild Garden has taken on a completely different tone - the gentleness and delicacy of the floral motifs intertwined with timeless white and panelled accents to create a uniquely graceful and sensual combination.

"The inspiration for Mild Garden came to me suddenly. The book 'The Secret Garden' by Frances Hodgson Burnett, which unexpectedly came into my hands, captivated me not only with the story of a girl discovering a garden full of roses hidden on the property of her uncle, a rich lord. The story also created an image of the author's own study - a typically British interior, with dark wood panelling and walls almost festooned with floral wallpaper, Morris style. In my design I wanted to brighten up the English style by adding some light and lightness. I replaced the heavy floral pattern with a more delicate one, associated with Polish meadows. Thanks to that, the collection became idyllic, calm and feminine, but at the same time retained its English character ," says Agnieszka Michalak, the designer at Ceramika Tubądzin.

Subtle and romantic, the Mild Garden collection is associated with a noble wallpaper, decorated with flowers, which adds expressiveness to the interior, while enveloping it with softness and warmth. Two floral motifs, presented in a picturesque way, are an invitation to travel in time, to return to the world of memories and delights. On the one hand, we find a beautiful flower garden in the form of a pastel watercolour, while on the other, an elegant, monochromatic herbarium, with fragile, openwork canopies and a play of gloom.

Mild Garden is a specific study of Polish flowers painted from nature. I've included delicate, watercolour irises and free, irregular patterns in the composition with dim, semi-transparent pastels, resigning from strong, saturated pink. Thanks to this, the collection has gained the character of a watercolour painting, has become light and transient. In addition, the structure of handmade paper, which the tiles are covered with, makes them look more like handicraft than machine-printed wallpaper", says the author of the collection.

Apart from the 3-element wall decorations (894 x 748 mm) there are also tiles in the shape of hexagons - both in the floral version and in classic white.

The latest collection will look phenomenal in classic, romantic and English style interiors. It will introduce delicacy and cosiness into the arrangement, as well as an element of nostalgia and sentimental admiration of the beauty of nature.

Mild Garden is a proposal for everyone who appreciates a style full of calm, brightness, with subtle colours and soothing, painterly plant motifs. In combination with furniture of an interesting form, oval solids and soft fabrics, the space will gain even more gentleness. The addition of silver, gold or copper and glass elements will emphasize the exclusivity of the interior, and the natural wood pattern, which perfectly complements the collection, will be a noble component of the whole.

The collection is based on the white wall tiles Mild Garden White 1 STR and Mild Garden White 2 STR, which measure 298 x 748 mm and are 10 mm thick. The first one has the structure of handmade paper, the second one is inspired by classical panelling. They are complemented by wall strips, referring to the English style and decorative wall finishing. They are available in two variants: Mild Garden 1 (115 x 298 mm, thickness 17 mm), and Mild Garden 2 (47 x 298 mm, thickness 10 mm,). All tiles have a matt finish.

The Tubądzin Group is one of the best recognized manufacturers of ceramic tiles in Poland. For 35 years it has been setting design trends, introducing innovative products and solutions. In Poland, Tubądzin is a pioneer in the production of large-format slabs, up to the size of 120x240 cm. Its products, manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, can be used in any space, not only in the bathroom. The highest quality tiles that resemble wood, marble or concrete, produced on the basis of the most modern world technologies, are the trademark of the Tubądzin Group. In 2019, the company sold its products to 60 countries.

Tubądzin invites outstanding creators of design and culture to cooperation (including Maciej Zień, Dorota Koziara, Wojciech Siudmak), organizes prestigious competitions for young designers and architects – Tubądzin Design Awards and engages in educational, social and ecological activities.

The Tubądzin branded tiles are made of natural and precious raw materials, and decorated with natural dyes that are safe to human health and the environment. While looking after the environment, Tubądzin promotes the principles of sustainable development and invests in innovative solutions - including the Continua+ technology, thus contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. The company is also involved in pro-ecological projects and undertakes activities aimed at increasing the local community's awareness in this respect.

Media contact:
Agata Grenda
Tubądzin Group Press Officer
mobile: + 48 608 558 405