Travel arrangements

Travel arrangements

June 20, 2024

Interior designs inspired by travels carry us to inspiring places. They allow people to experience exoticism, diversity of cultures and natural beauty all with no necessity to leave home. The Tubądzin Group, known for its innovation and artistic approach to tile design, has created collections inspired by the most beautiful corners of the globe.

The beauty of Patagonian quartzite

Patagonia is located in Argentina and Chile. It is a land that impresses with its boundless spaces, majestic mountains and austere beauty. It is here, in the heart of this wild nature that a unique quartzite of deep green colour, interspersed with beige accents - Patagonian quartzite - was created. The Impress collection, inspired by this unique stone, brings its exaggerated pattern to our interiors, creating spaces full of elegance and sophistication.

The charm of the Orient

Fadma is the essence of the oriental Casablanca, a Moroccan city full of sensual sensations, associated with a cinematic story of passionate love. The colour scheme of the collection captures the spirit of sunny Morocco full of rich, ethnic patterns, bringing an oriental touch to the interiors. Fadma's inspiration comes from the white façades of Casablanca's buildings reflected in the ocean. The collection delights with its subtle decorations and elaborate finishes, capturing the essence of the oriental aesthetic.

Adriatic elegance

Pietra Blue is a tribute to Adriatic marble and the island of Brač, the largest of the Dalmatian islands. It is home to mines of phenomenally white marble, which adorns mansions around the world. The Pietra Blue collection draws on the beauty of this island, combining the pristine whiteness of the marble with blue veining. This results in a tile that exudes elegance and subtlety, moving one into an atmosphere of warm Adriatic waters and sunshine.

Shadow theatre

The Tori Take collection is inspired by the culture of the Far East, in particular the intriguing shadow theatre. Displayed on white tissue paper, the contours of twigs create a fabulous impression, shimmering in the light, building up a drama of shapes and bringing to mind a walk through the misty forests of the Far East. This collection transports viewers into a world full of subtle decoration and painterly detail, where reality is intertwined with fairytale stories. It is an oriental fairy tale that delights and inspires, bringing the magical atmosphere of Asia into the interiors.

Arrangements inspired by distant places are not only a way to introduce diversity into interiors, but also an opportunity to take an extraordinary journey without leaving home. The Tubądzin Group collections are unique designs taking us to the most beautiful corners of the world. With these, we can enjoy the exoticism and beauty of distant places, creating unique and inspiring spaces in our homes.