The Tubądzin Group for architects in Romania

The Tubądzin Group for architects in Romania

April 17, 2023

The Tubądzin Group tiles are exported to more than 80 countries worldwide. Romania is one of the foreign distribution countries. It was in Oradea, at the Interioo showroom that brand representatives turned up to present the new 120 x 275 cm tile collections. Dorota Koziara was the special guest at the event and spoke about her Cielo e Terra collection.

A visit paid to the Interioo showroom in Oradea was an opportunity to present the new size of Tubądzin Group tiles. The 275x120 cm tiles captivate with their perfect workmanship, high durability, and exceptional aesthetics. They allow to create of homogeneous arrangements, in which the continuity of patterns is much less frequently broken by joints. This translates into a superior elegance to the wall and makes it the centerpiece of the room.

The latest collections were also unveiled at the event. The visitors were enthralled by the design, the variety of products in the Tubądzin brand's portfolio, and the highest quality of ceramics. It is manufactured from the best raw materials, which are fully health-safe and harmless. Numerous architects and designers who attended the event had a chance to see the latest Tubądzin collections such as large-format Monolith tiles, e.g. Onice and Grand Cave Brown, bathroom collections e.g. Blue Stone, Moor, and Tissue, which become an inseparable part of this year's trend of wallpaper patterns, as well as the Cielo e Terra collection of large-format colored body tiles designed by world-renowned designer and design critic Dorota Koziara.

— The Cielo e Terra collection is inspired by the European scenery; it stands for the four colours of the earth and the four colours of the sky, as well as the coalescent pink, which actually occurs most often in nature between the sky and earth. The harmonious colour range is my recommendation to architects in particular as they deal with a variety of materials in their daily creative work. I designed it in such a way that each colour used in the collection harmoniously blends with the others — says Dorota Koziara. — Cielo e Terra is a collection that is perfect for private and public interiors, as well as for building façades. It provides a wide range of design opportunities with its versatility and minimalist nature.

The Interioo showroom is the main partner of the Tubądzin Group in Romania. The manufacturer's tiles cover one-third of the exhibition area. More than 100 designers from all over the country attended the event.

The Tubądzin Group is one of the most widely recognized ceramic tile manufacturers in Poland. It has been defining design trends and introducing innovative products and solutions for 40 years. In Poland, it is a groundbreaker in the production of large-format tiles, up to 120 x 275 cm. Its products, manufactured from the highest quality raw materials can be used in any space, not just in bathrooms. The top-quality tiles, which are deceptively similar to wood, marble, or concrete, and manufactured using state-of-the-art global technologies; are the distinctive features of the Tubądzin Group.

Tubądzin welcomes outstanding designers and artists (including Maciej Zień, Dorota Koziara, Wojciech Siudmak); the company launches a prestigious competition for young designers and architects - the Tubądzin Design Awards; and engages in educational, social and ecological activities.

The Tubądzin brand's tiles are made of natural and the finest raw materials and are embellished with dyestuff which is safe for health and nature. Taking care of the environment, Tubądzin promotes the principles of sustainable development and keeps investing in innovative solutions - such as Continua+ technology or the innovative ATM 36 spray dryer, thus contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission. The company is also involved in pro-environmental projects and takes steps to raise the awareness of the local community on this issue.