Tubądzin in the Netherlands, the USA and Romania - see our showrooms

Tubądzin in the Netherlands, the USA and Romania - see our showrooms

June 22, 2023

Quality, design and large-format porcelain tiles - the advantages of Tubądzin tiles are enumerated by customers in the same breath. Environmental issues along with manufacturing ceramics exclusively from natural materials are also important. Tubądzin tiles can already be purchased in more than 80 countries. The brand's showrooms, where new collections and original designs can be seen, are becoming more and more common.

Chicago, USA

Tubądzin's showroom is one of the largest of its kind in the USA. It is located in a beautiful residential suburb of Chicago. – More than a half of the display at Encore Gallery consists of Tubądzin collections. The designs we have been offering reflect the most beautiful things in nature, winning great acclaim among American architects as well as end customers,' explains Amadeusz Kowalski, the Vice-President of the Management Board of the Tubądzin Group.

Americans are particularly thrilled with the Monolith large-format tiles, as well as the Maciej Zień collections, which perfectly match the atmosphere of the premium products offered at Encore Gallery. The showroom in Chicago attracts with its unique atmosphere and impressive displays.

Florida, USA

Fort Myers is one of the prettiest cities in West Florida. This is the place where the LuxArt Decor, the Tubądzin Group's showroom, was established. It catches the eye with its carefully arranged displays. It provides its customers with the opportunity to create their own designs. Its interiors were arranged by Klaudia Gołaszewska, Kinga Grzybowska Marek Grodzicki and Michał Hondo of the KXM studio as well as by Tomasz Smus, an architect from the Tubądzin Group.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Amsterdam showroom boasts a homely ambience. Its interior delights with cosy arrangements. Ceramic tiles were used as the foundation for creative designs, showcasing more than just kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, but also, for example, an original lounge bar. The showroom was established in May 2022.

The Dutch showroom features, among others, the Cielo e Terra collection by the world-renowned designer Dorota Koziara. An extensive display shows the Monolith brand tiles as well.

Oradea, Romania

The Interioo showroom in Oradea serves as a meeting spot for architects and designers from all over the country. Visitors are captivated by design, variety of products under the Tubądzin brand portfolio as well as the highest quality of ceramics. Trainings for architects and contractors are also held here. The Romanian showroom features displays of arrangements with the Monolith collections. The Cielo e Terra collection is also very popular.

- 'I designed this collection so that each colour used blends harmoniously with the others,' says Dorota Koziara, the designer of the collection, 'Cielo e Terra is perfect for private and public interiors, not to mention building façades. It provides a wide range of design possibilities due to its versatility and minimalist nature.

Tubądzin tiles are exported to more than 80 countries. The Tubądzin brand is synonymous with excellent quality and original design. Its showrooms are also notable for their extensive range of meetings and training sessions for architects, designers and contractors.