How to care for decorative stainless steel mouldings?

Only mild detergents (e.g. glass cleaner), liquid soap and water as well as natural products (e.g. 20% vinegar solution) should be used for cleaning. Aggressive cleaning agents and preparations that contain chlorine or other bleaching agents should be avoided. These can damage the chrome oxide coating, which makes stainless steel resistant to corrosion. Do not use pastes and lotions that contain cleaning powders, which can scratch the polished and mirrored surfaces.

Choose lint-free and dust-free cloths that do not leave particles on the cleaned surfaces. Microfibre, chamois leather or soft sponges are best for this purpose. Once the steel decoration has been washed, it should always be wiped dry. Slight differences in texture and edge finish are intentional. A change in gloss intensity, due to the angle of incidence of light, is intentional; it results from the material properties. Minor surface scratches may occur during use; these are due to the nature of the product and are not considered a defect. Damages caused as a result of incorrect installation, use of inappropriate washing agents, adhesive and grout shall not constitute grounds for complaints.

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