How to install polished- and satin-finished tiles?

Special care should be taken during both installation and grouting in order to avoid scratching or heavy soiling of the products. Before grouting, it is recommended to check whether the pigment contained in the grout does not permanently stain the surface of the tiles. Excess of the grout should be removed in accordance with the drying time specified by the manufacturer. This should be done carefully - without pressure or scrubbing, so as not to cause shining or scratching. Once the installation is complete, it is necessary to remove the protective wax from the satin tiles with a soft cloth and extraction kerosene. Tiles installed on floors should be additionally secured if the construction works have not been completed yet. The protection must adhere tightly to the tile, so that no dust or sand can get under the covering. It must be ensured that the protection does not move along the tiles in any way. Simply overing the tiles with foil or other material does not ensure adequate protection to the tiles. Do not place or move heavy objects, cardboard boxes, adhesive bags, etc. on the tiles. Once the tiles have been laid, presence of sand, gravel, pebbles or other abrasive materials should be minimised.

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