Principles of installing wall and floor mosaic

Before installation, the mosaic must be inspected for damages, chipping, dimensional conformity. After laying the mosaics, no complaints relating to these issues will be accepted. The mosaics are delivered as small pieces with a supporting grid to facilitate the laying, which should not be removed. The surface on which the mosaics are installed must be compact and even, without loose parts. If the surface is highly absorbent, a suitable priming emulsion should be used. For gluing mosaics, flexible adhesive mortars should be used, following the adhesive manufacturer's recommendations. While gluing, apply as thin a layer of adhesive as possible to prevent it from flowing out in the gaps between the mosaic elements. Exces adhesive is difficult to remove and may cause discolouration. Jointing can be started within 24 hours of instalation of the mosaics. Before jointing, check that the pigment contained in the grout does not permanently stain the surface of the mosaic elements. It is recommended to use flexible or epoxy grouts, with increased resistance to efflorescence, dirt and fungi. Remember to remove excess grout on an ongoing basis with a dry sponge, and to wash the surface after it has initially dried.

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