Rules for mounting glass decorations

Glass decorations must be protected from damaging, both on its face and the installation side. Individual batches of the products may differ in texture (bottom surface) and shade. Before arranging glass decorations, check their surface, shades and dimensions by comparing decorations from different packages. No claims will be accepted once the decoration has been installed. Slight differences in shades, texture and rounded edges are intentional. Colour variations depending on the angle of the light are intentional. Glass decorations are to be used on walls only. Use clear silicone adhesives for mirrors to install the decorations. Instructions from the manufacturers of the above mentioned adhesives must be strictly observed. Before installing a large number of decorations, make an adhesive test on a single decor to check that the adhesive does not react with the mounting surface. The decorations should not be installed without joints. The use of contrasting joint colours may alter the shade of the decoration. Coarse-grained grout cannot be used. Before installing and grouting, it is advisable to protect the facing surface with a tape, as glass decorations are sensitive and not really scratch-resistant. Special care must be taken when gluing and grouting to avoid staining and scratching the face side as well as the installation side. Grouting must be carried out after the time period specified in the instructions for the adhesive used has elapsed. For cleaning purposes, glass cleaning fluids can be applied only. Do not use pastes or lotions. Damages resulting from incorrect installation, the use of unsuitable adhesives, grouts and cleaning products shall not constitute grounds for a complaint.

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