Ania's studio and greenhouse from BezArchitekta.plNovelty

A balanced approach to life and the art of achieving happiness with the help of small things are conducive to calmness. Simplicity and balance are the key to creating warm interiors that meet individual needs.



The studio of the blog gives

The studio of the blog gives the impression that everything is in its place. This peaceful oasis conducive to work overflows with positive energy. The spaces arranged by the decorator captivate with a harmonious closeness to nature combined with sophisticated simplicity.

A peaceful oasis of positive energy

Ania chose muted tiles that allowed her to build an atmospheric interior, full of positive emotions. Beiges, broken whites and classic black create a pleasant corner where inspiration comes along with a longing for peace.

Tiles in harmony

The tiles from Maciej Zień's collection – Balance Stone – appear in the kitchen. Delicate beige, subtly decorated with light veining, has become a functional element of the space. The decorator also used large-format slabs as countertops. In this way, it perfectly fits into the philosophy of simplicity and closeness to nature.

A bathroom full of elegance

The bathroom surprises with the Fashion mosaic, which introduces the elegance and splendour of the French style to the interior. It fits perfectly with the Timeless tiles, designed by Maciej Zień. Pearl white evokes associations with the English style.

The greenhouse also impresses...

with its unconventional arrangement. The Onice Rosa collection brings out the naturalness of onyx, illuminates the space and adds multidimensionality to it. Granilla-covered large-format tiles perfectly reflect the authentic structure of the mineral, creating exceedingly comfortable interior.