A new twist on the farmhouse style – Anna Tomaska-Szmaja's country house

Anna Tomaska-Szmaja has created a coherent indoor space in which styles are harmoniously combined – white, beige tones and natural wood patterns form foundations for the design.



The porcelain stoneware works perfectly with underfloor heating.

The Korzilius Wood Craft Grey tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern were installed in the living room, kitchen, hallway and guest bathroom. Owing to their frost-resistant properties, they could also be arranged on the terrace.

The farmhouse style is...

characterised by cosy interiors. They often accommodate old furniture, decorations or accessories that have been carefully restored. Anna is keen to renovate and give a new flair to objects.

In the main bathroom...

the Marmo d'Oro collection is installed on the walls and floors. Here, the marble pattern works well, creating an idyllic interior through wooden accessories and slats.

Calm white

In the guest bathroom, the calm white of the Timeless collection is balanced by the Korzilius Wood Craft Grey floor with its wood pattern. The arrangement is complemented by stylish posters in oak frames, giving the interior character.