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Innovation blended with nature. This is the concept that motivated the Mokaa Architekci Group designers to create the _City break house design in Cracow. The single-family building captivates with a wide variety of forms, structures and colours derived, among others, from the extensive Tubądzin product range.

The Mokaa _City break house is a single-family residence built in Cracow's Podgórze district on an 18-acre plot. The property is surrounded by the Drwinka River Park, which is a refuge for numerous wildlife species. The investors were keen on staying close to nature. The property is in an urban area, yet is surrounded by a green, idyllic landscape.

The design created by the Mokaa Architekci Group follows the luxury nature trend. Indeed, multiple components of the _City break house' are made of natural and easily recycled materials, such as wood employed on the terrace and in the façade, as well as steel, which forms the structure of the entire building.

A house built in harmony with nature is normally subject to its own rules. The investors chose Tubądzin Group ceramics for their quality and unique design, inspired by essence of nature. The designers selected the Pietrasanta collection, which perfectly complimented the entire facility. The subtle marble pattern of the tiles creates an atmosphere of timeless elegance that never goes out of fashion.

The broad arranging options, allowing for non-standard solutions, made Pietrasanta an element of finishing both the floors and walls of the building and then the stairs and the kitchen island. Its subtle white, which brightens up the building's interiors and optically enlarges the kitchen, corridors and living room, are conducive to tranquillity, concentration, and meditation on the artistry of nature. The entire composition is reminiscent of the atmosphere prevailing in the South.

The Scoglio Grigio tiles, from a collection designed by Maciej Zień, were installed in the bathroom. Their uneven rock pattern and neutral colour scheme combined with white, black and chrome accessories create a modern, minimalist interior. The Scoglio Grigio tiles, accompanied by sunlight streaming in through the terrace doors, form an unusual structure, as if inviting nature inside the Mokaa _City break house.