The modern classic style is well and truly settled in our interior. A fanciful combination of marble, white, gold and black has also become the design basis for the private spaces of Ula Michalak - an interior stylist and founder of the Interiors Design blog. Tiles by the Tubądzin Group decorated the home of the designer and ceramic expert.




Ula Michalak


Ula Michalak, an interior designer fascinated by ceramics, uses the very fashionable Modern Classic style to create the finishing elements in her house. Immortal white, broken up by marble patterns, black and grey, makes sense.

Modern classic white

A neutral colour scale allows you to create an interior full of harmony, tranquillity and gentleness, which captivates with a twist of classic elegance. The modern classic easily combines elements of various trends: spaciousness of American style, glamour and elements of traditional decoration, which is vintage.

Ula Michalak grew up in Łódź, surrounded by beautiful, classic tenement houses. It was the style of the old buildings, gracefully combining both the elegance of past eras and functionality, which inspired the stylist to follow modern variations of the classics. Along with Magdalena Sobula, an interior designer, she chose a marble pattern to form a design line that unites most of the rooms in the house.

The Pietrasanta collection was incorporated into the kitchen. Not only did the tiles decorate the walls, they were also employed as worktops. This makes the room optically larger, lighter and much more harmonious, while the black fittings wonderfully emphasise the beauty of the collection with their subtle greyish-blue veins.

The private area, that is the designer's bedroom and the adjacent bathroom, also impresses with classic beauty. The Speccio Carrara collection has become the linking motif between this part of the house and the remaining rooms.

Timeless marble pattern

The marble-patterned tiles with their more distinctive and deeper veins, which appear on the walls, floors and - like in the kitchen - in the form of the worktop under the wash basins, are surprisingly refined. Contrasted with gold and black elements, they have created a place for relaxation and aesthetic reflection.