House by the pond by Joanna Banaszewska

Joanna Banaszewska's haven is a...

... true retreat, where contemporary elegance mingles with a touch of fashion to form a unique ambience. Appropriately selected materials reflect the spirit of current trends in interior design, while at the same time fulfilling a utilitarian function, providing both aesthetic impressions and everyday comfort.

Joanna skilfully combines details...

... to develop compositions full of subtlety and sophistication. The smaller bathroom was enriched by the Fashion porcelain mosaic by Maciej Zień. Its composition linking subdued white and contrasting dark squares brings to mind the charms of Parisian tenement houses.

Timeless collection

In both the small and large bathrooms, the Fashion collection by Maciej Zień on the walls infuses a breath of freshness and gentleness of Provence. In contrast to conventional stereotypes, the dark accents bring out potential instead of making the room optically smaller. Elegant, timeless forms gain an unusual softness and sensuality, completing the interior with atmospheric warmth and an aura of comfort.

Earthy colours...

... introduced into the space of the larger bathroom, give a feeling of harmony and tranquillity. This colour scheme is broken up with a bright accent in the shower area, brightening up the space. The fusion of the bottle green of the Sophisticated collection with the light wood creates a balanced but extremely elegant combination. Delicate accents of the wood-like Mountain Ash Coral porcelain tiles subtly enrich the entire space of the larger bathroom.

Garage in new design

This space, which used to be a garage, has been transformed into a room for socializing. Joanna chose Tubądzin tiles from the Macchia Grey collection, which perfectly match the loft nature of this space. Their unusual terrazzo pattern simultaneously creates a harmonious and unique atmosphere for social events.