White Opal - a picture painted by nature

Imagine a bird's eye view of the Australian coastline. Various shades of blue seawater passing in winding lines into the white of the sand and darker layers of land... Now, let’s change the perspective into a maximum close-up. Look at a patch of opal, onyx or agate against the light to see the familiar drawing of the Australian shoreline. This is the pattern that we have used in our latest White Opal large format tile collection.

Kolekcja Macchia Graphite, Ceramika Tubądzin (5)

Macchia - inspired by the tastes and textures of Italy

Luxury terrazzo floors, which decorated Italian mansions even in ancient times, have become a classic in interior design. Marble particles embedded in cement form a smooth surface with a dynamic, irregular pattern. A contemporary glance at this classic material was presented by Anna Janik-Cieśla, the TU_collective designer, as part of the Macchia Collection.


Decorative wall tiles like wallpaper. Be amazed by the unique designs

Are you a fan of patterned wallpapers, which bring to life every interior and lend it an individual character? If so, you will certainly like our inspirations, thanks to which you will be able to produce a similar effect in your bathroom. This is possible with decorative wall tiles with a wallpaper-look!


Bathroom decorations – enrich your design with the gleam of precious metals

For thousands of years, precious metals have provided good style and unique atmosphere to interiors. Even if today rather no-one lines the walls with genuine gold or silver, enriching the interior with elements in these colours is a very fashionable way to design an elegant interior. It works out especially well as bathroom decorations, which lend the room chic and elegance. Learn more on how to furnish the bathroom with silver or golden decorative tiles.


Decorative wall tiles for any interior – find out how to decorate spaces in an original way

Wood, stone or maybe concrete? These are materials with which you will create an attractive design of the bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom walls. Quite simply, any interior! The easiest way to achieve the desired effect is with ceramic tiles and wall decorations. Check which motifs suit many rooms.


An industrial atmosphere in the bathroom thanks to decorative concrete tiles, but not only

Concrete, imitation of rust and other raw elements of the interior finish have been fashionable for many years. Contrary to what might be expected, you can create an industrial effect in various ways; therefore many fans of this style do not care if they live in lofts with high ceilings and red brick on the walls or not. Some of the materials most frequently chosen for such interiors are decorative concrete tiles and ones with a rust effect, which we describe in this article.