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A combination of classic and modern styles requires a great deal of craftsmanship. It is necessary to balance the proportions to achieve a harmonious, elegant arrangement. Adrianna Miaskowska, the influencer, also known as Marbleandmoree, where trends blend with one another, managed to do it perfectly.






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Subdued colours bring tranquillity to everyday life, encouraging contemplation on the artistry of nature and humankind. Classic elegance merged with the latest trends dominated Adrianna Miastkowska's flat in Gdynia. The Tubądzin Group's products helped create a unique atmosphere in the interiors, full of harmony and natural beauty.

White broken with black, gold, and beige were chosen by the designer, who has a particular fondness for marble in her interior. The sophisticated pattern of the stone, which emphasises the charm and monumentality of nature, could not have been missing from her flat either. White marble has also become a symbol of classic style, which fits perfectly with glamour as well as modern décor. The stylist's love of minerals is reflected in her choice of collections inspired both by marble and opal.

Opal is a mineral whose texture provides a wonderful flair to any interior. The large-format tiles from the White Opal collection have an extraordinary inner enchantment. The pattern is very expressive, with visible shifts in the structure that perfectly reflect natural structure of the stone. No wonder, then, that the collection was featured in Adrianna Miastkowska's nature-inspired small bathroom. In the large bathroom, on the other hand, the influencer opted for marble. The delicate grain of the Marmo d'oro tiles brings a breath of freshness to the interior and enables deep relaxation. The highly glazed porcelain stoneware adds a touch of glamour to the interior, combining perfectly with the gold elements of the wall lamps and fittings.

In the living room, which has been arranged as a place for family gatherings and entertainment, Adrianna Miastkowska has brought in a touch of her favourite marble too. A single tile from the Marmo d'Oro collection was placed on the main wall, making it an eye-catcher. Its natural lines stimulate imagination. When combined with delicate golden curves, universal greys or soothing white, this element of the room becomes a style indicator; above all, it is a fascinating artistic decoration.

The hallway floor was covered with a traditional black and white mosaic, which blends perfectly with the classic-style davenport and minimal posters. This has succeeded in bringing a sense of unforced French elegance to the room, inspired by the charm of Parisian townhouses.