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Ecology played a key role in the design and arrangement of Katarzyna Bosacka's studio. The host of "Wiem co jem" and "Eko Bosacka" programmes decided to go for natural materials to ensure a cosy, idyllic décor. These included ceramic tiles from the Tubądzin Group.

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Katarzyna Bosacka's recording studio




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It is a challenge to design a workable recording studio

Not only should the visual aspects be emphasised, but also the durability of the materials employed. It is a space that is subjected to intensive use every day. That is the reason why in her new studio, where episodes of "Eko-Bosacka" are recorded, the host opted for high-quality ceramic tiles from the Tubądzin Group. Careful selection was the idea behind the arrangement. Thus, the focus was on the durability of the materials and timeless design, which works regardless the seasonal trends. As a result, the interior corresponds to the theme of the show.

The kitchen forms the centrepiece of the studio

It is an extremely functional space, where perfect cleanliness is important; however, there is also free access to all kitchen utensils. It perfectly combines the charm of laid-back countryside and simplicity with a high standard that keeps the room perfectly arranged. Katarzyna Bosacka chose green in the shade of sage, which can be found in Polish meadows and forests, and timeless white. The interior features a very cosy, homely touch. The walls are covered with tiles from the Timeless collection by Maciej Zień. They are reminiscent of arrangements common in Provence.

The floors also contribute to Tubądzin!

TheWood collection brings a sense of naturalness, and proximity to nature. These tiles are valued for their design, and functionality, which helps to keep the kitchen clean.

The only thing that can be seen on the screen is the studio's kitchen area, while actually the studio resembles a flat in terms of its layout. In the bathroom and its bathing area, Maciej Zień tiles from the Boho collection were installed. Their ethnic patterns with soft, blue and white colours have a soothing and calming effect bringing an air of freshness and freedom.