is a special category in the Tubądzin Design Awards competition.

The main idea is to build and rebuild spaces to highlight the creative process and emphasize the essence of experiencing culture.

CultureFORM is about creating space for #life #culture #human - it is culture that gives us a place to live, inspiration and makes us who we are!


Space of inspirations - Culture of surroundings

Your inspiration to create projects should be spaces inspired by culture and experiencing culture - we are immersed in it and it forms us. Culture defines our horizons, creates values and provides emotions.

Culture needs a place.

The purpose and functionality should be clearly defined in your project. We do not define the type of space or preferred solutions. We pay attention to functionality, aesthetics and feasibility of the solutions adopted. You have a free hand and your possibilities are unlimited!

Special category jury


A prize of 1000 EUR awaits the winners at every stage of the CultureFORM competition.

The laureate gets 2000 EUR and an internship at the Grand Theatre – National Opera in Warsaw.

In addition: promotion in the Tubądzin Design Community, a personalized interview in Elle Decoration, publications in trade media, promotion on the website of the competition's partners, promotion in the organizer's social media and international promotion of the winning design.

Submit a Project!


Any architect, designer or university student majoring in architecture, interior design or design can become a contest participant. All you need to do is set up a competition account at Tubądzin Design Awards!


Project requirements

Projects must be submitted with an appropriate description stating the purpose of the project, the target customer and defining the areas and their functionality. For each project the participant should attach no less than 3 graphics/photos and no more than 10.


Competition requirements

In the CultureFORM special category, there are no requirements concerning the number of Tubądzin tiles used in the project, however the use of ceramic tiles from other manufacturers is excluded.


Subject of the competition

The competition is open to projects that deal with the theme of building and rebuilding space with a view to the creative process and experiencing culture. While submitting the project, a descriptive field should be filled in, which should introduce the target client, the functionality of the space, its division and the applied solution.


Project submission

The CultureFORM category is open to submissions of any project in public and private spaces, including: buildings, interior design elements, furniture, outdoor design elements and elements in public space design, inspirational facades and elevations, creative uses of tile, art objects, and cultural spaces.


Submission deadline

Stage I
March 1 - May 31, 2022.
Stage II
June 1 - August 31, 2022.
Stage III
September 1 - November 30, 2022.

Deadlines are defined according to the CET time standard (UTC+01:00) until 24:00.



Winners are selected at each stage - they form a pool of three finalists for the competition. In the final, from this pool, the Jury selects one winner of the CultureFORM category Grand Prix.