A bathroom with a mirror effect how to create an exclusive wall decoration using bathroom tiles

A mirror is an indispensable piece of equipment in every bathroom, in which you can check yourself before leaving the house to refine your appearance. It is also an inseparable part of the arrangement that should match the style of the interior. Mirrors on the entire wall, small decorative mirrors – it's up to you what you decide on. What if you want a mirror effect without using mirrors? Check how to do it with our tiles!

From the text you will learn:

  • how to use mirror tiles,
  • whether black can also help to achieve a mirror effect.

A large mirror in a small bathroom can visually enlarge the interior, but it takes up a lot of space that you can arrange in a different way, e.g. by hanging cabinets for the necessary toiletries. How to visually enlarge an interior without using a large bathroom mirror? Mirror tiles are an excellent solution, which not only prove themselves in this role, but will also be a stylish addition to the decor.

How to arrange a bathroom? Mirror tiles are a great idea!

If you want to give up a large bathroom mirror, but are still interested in the effect that can be achieved with it, a good solution will be properly selected mirror ceramics, such as Lucid decors or Lucid Pearl mosaics from the Sophisticated collection created by Maciej Zień.

The phenomenal geometric structure of these tiles not only allows you to intensify the mirror impression, but also adds an unusual character to the interior. The sharp shapes of mosaics and decors are dynamic, bringing energy and brightness to the interior. It is worth using the tiles to cover an entire wall of the bathroom. These tiles will look great with black accessories, as well as with small mirrors that will transfer their glow to the other walls of the bathroom.

What to use instead of a large bathroom mirror? Bet on black tiles!

Deep black is an extremely elegant choice. If you choose high-gloss tiles, you will get a phenomenal effect resembling a bathroom in mirrors, but without the mirrors themselves. The whole space is also perfectly reflected in black. An excellent choice are the tiles from the Amber Vein collection designed by Maciej Zień.

Black tiles from this collection are characterised not only by an extremely intense colour, but also by delicate decorations in the form of amber threads. Thanks to this extremely delicate element, they have a jewellery character and are a beautiful decoration. In an arrangement with the use of this collection, you can completely opt out of large bathroom mirrors, however an interesting solution would be to allocate one wall for them. Black tiles and amber threads would be reflected in a bathroom mirror arrangement, creating a three-dimensional effect of endless space. They will be suitable not only for spacious bathrooms, but also for slightly smaller ones.

Remember that you can also use mirror tiles to display elements of the decor which, if properly arranged, will be reflected on all walls. If you do not want to decide to buy large mirrors for the bathroom, choose mirror tiles. You will get an original reflection effect, and the interior will have a more subtle character.