A bathroom with white tiles, how to make bright walls and floors more attractive?

A bright, even white bathroom is a dream for many of us. It is associated with impeccable cleanliness, aesthetics and timelessness. Unfortunately, such a decor can quickly become boring and the renovation of the interior is quite burdensome. So let's design white interiors so that they are radiantly bright and at the same time visually attractive. In this text, we will suggest how to do this.

From the text you will learn:

  • how to make the walls in a white bathroom to not look monotonous,
  • which will help make white floors look more attractive.

A bathroom with white tiles is an excellent starting point for arrangement in the chosen style. It can be the basis of both a glamorous and modern interior. It all depends on the choice of accessories. And those for the white bathroom can be adjusted almost freely. We suggest how to make the interiors of such a bathroom more elegant, using not only additional equipment, but also a carefully selected choice of ceramics.

The prettiest bathrooms – arrangements of unique walls

First of all, when starting to decorate a bathroom with white tiles, you should answer the question of whether uniform white is the goal.And this question is worth answering: no! White tiles are, of course, timeless, but those that are characterised by – even subtle – designs will not only be aesthetic, but also provide a phenomenal decorative effect.

A good choice will be white tiles in the bathroom, the colour of which is interwoven with delicate threads of grey and black, inspired by the structure of a precious stone – onyx, like those from the Onice collection. The polished surface of the tiles will reflect the glow of daylight and artificial light, which will allow you to optically enlarge and illuminate the interior. Thanks to non-uniform patterns, the interior will not be boring. In such a colour variation, the use of grey grout for white tiles will also be a good choice. Remember, however, that the thinnest possible joints are fashionable nowadays.

If you are wondering how to emphasise the interior without unnecessary accessories such as textiles, paintings or other decorations, use tiles for this! For white, gold and black will be the perfect solution. The tiles from theSophisticated collection arranged in a geometric mosaic will emphasise, for example, a wall with a mirror, creating an unusual effect of optical illusion. Jewellery accessories on the tiles will successfully replace additional items with decorative functions, which sometimes clutter the space.

How to make the floors in a white bathroom more attractive? Inspiration

The floors in the white interior of the bathroom must be a compromise between functionality and elegance and aesthetics. They should be made in such a way as to guarantee safety even in wet areas, as well as be eye-catching and create a harmonious composition with the rest of the interior. How can this be done?

It is worth choosing tiles with exactly the same onyx pattern as on the walls. Thanks to this, the interior will be extremely consistent and elegant. Tiles inspired by light onyx guarantee that the bathroom will appear spacious and bright.

Choosing uniform white tiles for the bathroom floor is always a fashionable solution, but certainly not as eye-catching as tiling floors with even a delicate pattern. If you decide on light cream decorated tiles, it is worth matching them with rugs in the colour of the decorations. They will perfectly harmonise with ceramics and make the interior seem cosy.

You already know how to arrange the walls and floors of a white bathroom with ceramics. You do not need any additional decorations to make the interior of such a bathroom elegant, bright and eye-catching!