A family sanctuary inspired by nature

Neutral colours and a unique rocky structure make it easier to create an elegant yet practical interior that will meet the expectations of all household members.

Natural harmony

Getting close to nature is a real virtue. Surrounded by concrete and plastic every day, our desire is to return to something that allows us to restore our balance and inner peace. It is not easy to create a family space that becomes a genuine asylum. Therefore, when designing any interior, it is advisable to consider an arrangement inspired by nature. A brilliant solution is to choose an elegant shade of white as a background for classic mineral-inspired structures. A harmonious space will be created in which every member of the family will feel comfortable and where playing and learning will become a pleasure.

Minerals’ beauty

The minerals that inspired the Marmo d'Oro or White Opal collections bring a touch of timelessness and natural beauty to an interior. This is why they fit in perfectly with almost every style and trend. Accompanied by a traditional bookcase, a room dominated by stone will attain a vintage look. Braided accessories and the presence of macramé will add a relaxed, boho touch to the interior. Ubiquitous greenery and wood elements will contribute to a touch of natural luxury.

Timeless white

The most suitable base for marble and opal is a maximally neutral colour scheme, which is predatory black or universal pure white, with reflections of pearl or a slightly shimmering shade of ivory. If skilfully broken up with neutral browns or shiny gold, it will present an original interior with a feeling of safety and family warmth. Owing to the proximity of natural patterns and colours, one can ensure true relaxation in every room: whether in the bathroom or in the living room.

Get inspired!

In the next episode of Open the door for Tubądzin, there is a chance to have a look at the beautiful interiors inspired by white, marble and opal. Adrianna Miaskowska will invite everyone to her house decorated with elements of the White Opal and Marmo d’Oro collections by the Tubądzin Group.