A land of relaxation within a pine forest

Maciej Maniewski is one of the best-known personalities in the Polish world of hairdressing. His first hairdressing salon was set up in a garage. He has reached the position of one of the leading Polish hairstylists. Maciej Maniewski not only looks after the hairstyles of the biggest stars, but also passes on his knowledge and experience to stylists through his network of professional Maniewski Academy. He is also a distributor of high-quality products for hair care and styling. He was the author of the television program "Afera fryzjera” (A Hairdresser’s Business), as well as the head of the jury in the program "Mistrzowskie cięcie (Masterly Cut)". Currently, Maciej is active in social media, where he offers his perceptions and valuable advice related to the profession of hairstylist, winning the recognition and hearts of his fans.

Harmony of minimalism and coziness

In a search for the peace that nature offers, Maciej Maniewski dreamed of a house in the middle of a pine forest. He brought natural elements into the interior. He maintained it in harmony and minimalism, while making use of his favourite patterns in stone, concrete and wood, giving warmth and cosiness to the spaces. The house is a characteristic mix of Maciej’s beloved minimalism with Scandinavian elements.

A bathroom in a home full of peace

The ground floor is designated as the main living space. Created for rest and relaxation, with a separate living room, open kitchen and large dining room. There is also a room for guests. The adjacent bathroom is covered with beautiful tiles by Maciej Zień from the Speccio Carrara collection. These large tiles are inspired by the beauty of Carrara marble, characteristic for central Italy. They optically increase the space of the small bathroom, creating a smooth, polished surface without any visible joints. The milky slabs are adorned with the delicate sketching of grey veins.

A private oasis on the first floor: a bedroom with the Black Pulpis collection by Maciej Zień

Upstairs, there is a private area, separated from the other parts of the house by glass doors on the staircase. Through the glass, you can admire the whole living room, but it muffles the sounds coming from below. The bedroom is connected to a bathroom. An emphasis was put on classic, timeless solutions. It is dominated by a woody pattern, set in contrast with black and tiles with a marble pattern from the Black Pulpis collection of Maciej Zień. This collection delighted the hairstylist from first sight. Its polished surface, black colour and light, shadowy veins provide a faithful imitation of noble marble. They combine perfectly with the lighting, creating a unique atmosphere.

Recording studio - elegance and functionality

An important place in the house is the room in which Maciej films his videos. In its arrangement, Maciej had design and functionality in mind. He decided to use tiles from the Tubądzin Group. One’s attention is drawn to the Grand Cavetiles covering the walls in the shade of Graphite. Their elegant, dark greyness and slate pattern create an unforgettable effect.