An industrial atmosphere in the bathroom thanks to decorative concrete tiles, but not only

Concrete, imitation of rust and other raw elements of the interior finish have been fashionable for many years. Contrary to what might be expected, you can create an industrial effect in various ways; therefore many fans of this style do not care if they live in lofts with high ceilings and red brick on the walls or not. Some of the materials most frequently chosen for such interiors are decorative concrete tiles and ones with a rust effect, which we describe in this article.

Read this text and find out:

  • about the characteristics of industrial interiors,
  • how to use decorative concrete tiles in the industrial bathroom,
  • how to design a bathroom with rust stained tiles.

The fashion for industrial interiors began in the United States in the 1950s, but quickly spread to other countries. And it is here to stay!

Industrial interiors – characteristic features

To design a bathroom in an industrial style, a large space is not required. It is sufficient to use several easy tricks. Above all else, stick to the general principles and refer them to your interior.

  • Take care of the space

Space is key in the industrial bathroom. If you do not have enough of it, try to enlarge the interior optically. You will do so with large-format tiles on the walls and floor or decorative tiles with mirror-effect on one wall. Make sure you do not overdo it – an interior with all the walls in high gloss sure looks attractive but goes against the principles of the industrial style.

  • Keep it raw

The main feature of industrialism is its raw nature. Therefore, use minimalist furniture, see-through wall of the shower cabin and even uncover the pipes. As a result, the interior will create the impression of being unfinished, which is the intention!

  • Choose cold colours and warm accents

Cold white and grey are the most frequent colours in industrial bathrooms. Such colours optically enlarge the space and, above all else, are used for construction materials, which is reflected, for instance, in decorative concrete tiles. Break up the cool shades with contrasting black, warm wood or any living colour. Be moderate, though!

Concrete wall tiles – ideal for industrial interiors

Concrete and similar decorative wall of raw design are the most characteristic materials used for finishing the industrial bathroom. There are several options you can use to create this effect. The most practical will be concrete wall tiles – or rather tiles that are highly reminiscent of concrete, and are suitable for a room frequently exposed to water and detergents.

Check the porcelain collection Epoxy, which ideally reflects the colour of genuine concrete bathroom tiles. The selection of this material will render an interior of raw industrial character and allow a durable finish of the walls and floors.