Are you going for the exquisite Sophisticated or raging Boho? style Express yourself with the new collections by Maciej Zień

Elegant fashion and freedom inspired Maciej Zień to create two exceptional collections of tiles. The fashion creator and interior designer has revisited the memories of his travels to two different parts of the world that include Paris and Tulum. Fascinated by the surrounding reality, full of beauty and unique elements, he created two entirely different collections - refined and elegant Sophisticated collection and full of free expression Boho collection. If you want to find out what makes them so different, yet full of style and charm, then you should read on!

You will learn:

  • what lies beneath the elegance of the Sophisticated collection,
  • why the Boho collection is associated with freedom.

Through the diversity of the two designs by Maciej Zień one can arrange a perfectly matching interior. Choosing between Sophisticated and Boho collections you will surely find your own way of arrangement, which perfectly reflects your personality.

Sophisticated style - tasteful elegance at every turn

Sophisticated means refined. Inspired by fashion and the streets of Paris, the Sophisticated collection stands for understated, good taste and style. Now, you too can feel the atmosphere of an elegant Hotel Costes or Café de Flore. Decorate your home full of uncomplicated luxury with graceful and delightful ceramic tiles.

Elegance hidden in marble

The Sophisticated collection was based on marble. Among the tiles you will find two contrasting faces of marble - the grey-beige, elegant face and its negative - the insanely elegant, glossy black. Owing to the use of this noble stone you can design an exceptionally elegant interior, which at the same time is not overwhelming.

Combination of green and gold décor

As a supplement to black and white marble, you will find a trendy combination of gold and green as part of the collection's décors. Gold palmette patterns will wonderfully reflect even subtle light and are an eye-catcher. Gold cube-shaped mosaics make a similar impression.

Creativity and freedom - Boho style at home

If elegance and sophisticated gold is not the style of your choice, then you might consider creating your home in the Boho style. The freely beautiful interior that can be arranged as part of the Boho collection does not have to be applied to the bathroom only. These tiles allow you to arrange your living room, dining room, and kitchen as well.

Unhampered freedom of the unobvious Boho

Zień's collection could not be complete without nature patterns - mainly wood. But Zień's boho is not only nature itself! The fashion designer introduced white and black scheme which is an unobvious, but also neutral background for the collection. This solution, although so little associated with boho, ensures your interior to be truly free. Neutral background gives you a lot of arrangement opportunities.

Oriental spirit and inspiration by nature

As part of the collection you will also find references to the azulejo technique, which consists in imprinting patterns and shapes straight onto the tiles. Maciej Zień designed décors, which resemble Mexican cenotes, natural karst wells hidden in the Yucatan peninsula rocks. Their colours are associated with turquoise water, which shimmers with many shades of blue in the sunlight. The distinctive light blue decors, reminiscent of the texture of faded denim, are also worth noting as they call up associations with oriental design.

Artistic freedom of colours as part of a modern boho style

Black and white, which dominate this collection, do not seem to go well with the classic boho style. Nothing could be more misleading as boho means freedom! And freedom can be perceived in a multitude of ways. Patterns and mosaics, which were designed by Maciej Zień, perfectly reflect his boho vision which is rooted in artistic bohemia, which is full of unlimited freedom.

With their diversity, the Sophisticated and Boho collections open the way to many original interior designs. The inspiration for these tiles comes from the surrounding world, which is why they reflect its beauty and diversity. These two quite different, even contrasting, collections allow you to create interiors that suit you and are in line with your idea of beauty.

The unique Sophisticated and Boho collections were created in cooperation with Maciej Zień. Find out which one suits you best.