Black and white interiors - how to create original black and white designs?

Modern interiors, notably those in black and white, are stunning and therefore never go out of fashion. When arranging a black and white interior, however, few rules are worth considering. Designing a striking room will then become unbelievably easy and the result will surpass your wildest expectations. How do you get round to decorating a black and white flat? You can find it out in our article!

You will now learn:

  • how to decorate a black and white living room,
  • which patterns work well in a black and white bathroom

Black and white interior decor is in a class itself. The combination of two muted, but sharply contrasting colours with a universal nature allows an unlimited selection of accessories and furniture. This is how you can create the interior of your dreams. In this text, we will give you clues as to which equipment and colour balance will work best in a black and white interior.

Black and white living room decor - what to opt for?

Black and white walls in the living room might be a slightly risky solution, as it can look overwhelming. But any time you choose ceramics, not only will it optically enlarge the room, but enhance it with delicate patterns as well. The room will become cosy if you go for warmer, beige tones instead of cool white.

Tiles inspired by the British design classic, the check pattern, from the Timeless collection would work well. They are based on a shade that does not resemble the typical pure, cold white; in fact, it is more like milky tea. The tile is decorated with a timeless black pattern. If your living room is also arranged with an annex, you can opt for a black and white floor in the kitchen, which will blend perfectly with the classic, warm check pattern displayed on the walls of your living room.

To liven up a black and white interior, it is a clever idea to complement it with muted colours. To avoid harshness, you could opt for furniture in warm but soft shades of beige, yellow, grey, and pink. Accessories and fittings in these hues will not overwhelm the interior; instead, they will bring brightness to the room and highlight the ceramics on the walls and floor.

Black and white bathrooms - decor inspiration

The bathroom is a space where you can present a little more design extravagance. You do not need to be afraid of dark colours; all you need to do is ensure the proper lighting. If you want your interior to be expressive, then choose the Sophisticated collection. You will find white and black wall strips, which can be arranged in a distinctive herringbone pattern. You might also consider decorating the space around the mirror with the strips. In an interior decorated this way with black and white walls, you can choose accessories with golden elements. It will look spectacular, but make sure there is adequate lighting in there.

Should you prefer a quieter, classic arrangement, a perfect solution would be, for example, a floor in black and white, or even a mosaic in such colours, which you can find under the Balance Stone collection. It was inspired by Portuguese marble, which is distinguished by its softness and its beige, warm shade. This ensures that even when combined with black and white mosaic, the interior will become both elegant and cosy. It will be perfect for a tasteful bathroom, the atmosphere of which will encourage relaxation.

Decorating a black and white flat can be exceptionally pleasant. These colours leave an exceptionally wide range of options for accessories and furniture. They are timeless and classic and yet will fit perfectly into modern settings.