Ceramic tile table

At Tubądzin, we love unusual solutions! That's why we were delighted by the idea of Katarzyna Szostakowska, founder of the Kate&Co design studio, who used our large-format Monolith tiles to create table tops. Check out the designer's choice of tiles and, above all, see these unusual tables - now in a festive setting!

From the text you will learn:

  • Why you should opt for a modern table with ceramic tiles,
  • Which Tubądzin collections Katarzyna Szostakowska used to create the ceramic tile tables.

Do you dream of a tile garden table or a unique ceramic finished coffee table? Discover Katarzyna Szostakowska's tables and get inspired.

Ceramic tile table - why is it worth it?

Large-format porcelain tiles is now finding new applications - it is no longer used only on floors or walls, but also, for example, on furniture tops, building facades and even roofs. They give arrangements a modern and stylish character. A table with ceramic tiles is an excellent choice for several reasons:

  • Aesthetics and durability - ceramic tiles are durable, which means that the table will look elegant for a long time,
  • easy to clean - ceramic makes it easy to keep the table in perfect condition; just use a wet cloth and a mild cleaner.

Ceramic tiles offer the possibility of creative furniture design. Thanks to them, you can create unique patterns, which allows you to realize original table designs that look unique both on a daily basis and, for example, in a specially prepared seasonal arrangement.

The Christmas table decorations you see below take on a new dimension thanks to the creativity of designer Katarzyna Szostakowska of Polisz Design. she applied our ceramic tiles in an unconventional way.

Tile table top - bet on quality

Here are some phenomenal ideas for tables that the designer created using tiles from Tubądzin Group.

The largest coffee table, which was created by Katarzyna Szostakowska, was created using tiles from the Impress MAT collection. The piece of furniture exudes elegance, thanks to the green ceramic with a striking Patagonian quartzite motif, which gives it a unique character. The inspiring design makes the table the focal point of the living room, creating a harmonious space for meetings over coffee - festive and otherwise.

Table with Onice Bianco MAT ceramic tiles

The round table was created using the Onice Bianco MAT collection. It represents a unique combination of functionality and design. Bright tiles with an elegant finish are the perfect complement to the modern piece of furniture, which can serve as a small coffee table or an auxiliary table.

Console with tiles from the Travertino MAT collection

The console side decorative table, is another proposal by Katarzyna Szostakowska. To create it, she used the Travertinotile collection in matte. It is a subtle and practical design element, bringing a natural atmosphere to the room and emphasizing the harmony of the interior with nature.

Tall side table with tiles from the Grand Cave Ivory Lapatto collection

This inconspicuous piece of furniture is a subtle addition to a modern room, allowing you to display elegant Christmas ornaments especially beautifully. The tile pattern, which is reminiscent of slate rock, is ideal for lovers of industrial motifs - but the wood of the rest of the table keeps the whole thing from looking austere.

The ceramic tile tables featured in this article are just an introduction to the world of inspiration of Katarzyna Szostakowska of Polisz Design, who proves that Tubądzin ceramic tiles are not only a practical material, but also a source of endless possibilities for artistic self-expression. Take a look at Instagram @living_by_kate_co to see the designer's other works!